BorgWarner supplies a number of advanced technologies for winners of the 2014 World Car Awards, including the GenV all-wheel drive couplings, chain timing systems for Audi A3 models powered by 1.8- and 2.0-liter DOHC I4 engines, ignition coils for 1.2- and 2.0-liter gasoline models, and dual-clutch and mechatronic modules for 6-speed dual-clutch transmissions. For 1.6- and 2.0-liter diesel models, the company produces glow plugs, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) pipes, oil pipes and EGR valves.

For Mercedes-Benz S-Class BorgWarner delivers ignition coils, EGR coolers, EGR valves and thermostats for a variety of gasoline-powered models, radiator identification sensors and friction plates for 7-speed automatic transmissions. For diesel models, BorgWarner supplies regulated two-stage (R2S®) turbochargers, high-pressure EGR valves, glow plug controllers for 2.2- and 3.0-liter models, and thermostats for 3.0-liter models.

The global company produces ignition coils and the new rotary sleeve thermostat for the GT3 Engine of Porsche. For 12 of the 15 finalists in all categories, including the winners, the company provides one or more advanced technologies, such as variable cam timing systems, chain timing systems, turbochargers, EGR coolers and valves, thermostats, ignition coils, glow plug controllers, cabin heaters, friction plates and GenV all-wheel drive couplings.

Designed to improve fuel economy, emissions and performance, BorgWarner’s advanced technologies drive a broad range of the world’s leading vehicles,” said James R. Verrier, President and Chief Executive Officer, BorgWarner. “We congratulate our customers for these distinguished industry honors.”


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