India is struggling to increase its GDP by a few decimal points, but it can be shocking to know that 3% of the GDP eroded in corrosion every year, said Dr Baldev Raj, President – Research, PSG Institutions. The quantum of loss on account of corrosion is equal to the revenue contributed by the Indian Railways to the exchequer. 

Dignitaries releasing the Show Directory  at the Exhibition & Conference on Surface & Coating and Pumps, Valves & Compressors 2014 held in Chennai on 4 July 2014

Delivering his address at at the inaugural session of the 1st edition of Surface & Coating Expo 2014 and Pumps, Valves & Compressors 2014 organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), he said the loss will be up to 6 5 if indirect cost of corrosion, in the form of loss of functioning of the plants, accidents, material discarded prematurely, and the various human liabilities are taken in to account. “To challenge corrosion, experts from different fields have to come together. We must do more of cutting-edge research, and also create wider awareness through publications and conferences. The industry and the academia should collaborate and create a body of knowledge for the purpose,” he added.

 P1030676The theme address on valves by N V Venkatasubramanian, Conference Chairman – Valves, and Chief Executive, L&T Valves Ltd, highlighted that 40% of the Indian valve industry’s production is exported. “The global demand for valves is $60 billion, whereas our exports are only $800 million. With more than a thousand valve manufacturers in the country, there is an immense opportunity for growth to cater to the market,” he underlined. Though we have the technology and expertise in the country, it is essential to pay attention to the supply chain. “Foundries are doing well in the country. We have to work with them to improve their efficiency. However, the forging industry to support the exports is not well developed. What is needed is to work together and deliver to the global market on quality,” he said.

P1030681Dr U Kamachi Mudali, Chairman, Conference on Surface & Coating, and Associate Director, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, spoke about the importance of materials with a good finish and value-added coating, for enhanced performance. Citing from history the many examples of Indian expertise in materials technology, such as the Iron Pillar and the Chozha bronzes, he shared with the audience an engineering marvel that an Indian company developed on coating, which would work for 40 years in liquid sodium, at 550 degrees in a highly radioactive environment. This is the time to devote attention to the development of human resources,”he added.

P1030683Earlier, in his opening remarks, Ravi Sam, Chairman, CII Tamil Nadu State Council & Managing Director, Adwaith Textiles Ltd, observed that India is emerging as a major manufacturing hub for various industrial products, owing to the availability of large qualified workforce, massive emerging markets, and low cost of production. “The market for pumps and valves is expected to grow at 14-17% CAGR over the next five years. While Indian industry has been experiencing a slowdown, the valve industry in the country has been growing exponentially at over 20% in the last decade with growth in exports being even higher at 100% in the last three years,” he added.

 Delivering the theme address on pumps,  N K Ranganath, Chairman, Conference (Pumps) & Chairman and Managing Director, Grundfos Pumps India Pvt Ltd, said that water, power, and consequently food will be major issues for the world. “Pumps use 10% of the world’s energy; and it is possible to achieve a 40% saving in the energy used by the pumps, and thus reduce the global energy consumption by 4%,” he noted.

 The special address by P Kaniappan, Whole-time Director, WABCO India Ltd, was on the user perspective, with emphasis on safety, health, and environment. “The industry should understand TPM (Total Productive Maintenance). Our goal should be Zero BAD -Breakdown, Accident, or Defect, and a delightful workplace. We also need equipment with self-diagnostic capability and online monitoring controls for the critical parts of the system,” he suggested.

The exhibition and conference aim to bring the latest technologies in pump, valves, compressors, and surface coating to the South Indian market, and provide a comprehensive platform for manufacturers and users from industry to come together for business prospects.

Over 130 exhibitors participated at the show with representation from  Switzerland, Japan, Germany & France. 



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