In today’s automotive landscape, Indian consumers are driving a shift towards premium products, transforming cars from mere necessities into style statements and expressions of personal identity. This shift is evident in the increasing attention to detail and willingness to invest in upgrades beyond traditional interior and exterior enhancements. A notable trend is the replacement of standard disc horns with premium trumpet horns, reflecting consumers’ desire for superior sound quality and a refined driving experience. However, while many horn manufacturers offer trumpet horns, few deliver the premium sound expected by discerning customers. As an automotive journalist, it’s intriguing to observe how this demand for quality and sophistication is reshaping the Indian automotive market, pushing manufacturers to innovate and meet the evolving expectations of modern drivers.

Uno Minda has recently introduced an exciting addition to the Indian aftermarket: the C80 premium range of trumpet horns. This innovative offering caters to car owners seeking to elevate their driving experience by upgrading from standard horns to those with superior sound quality. Named the C80, these horns promise to infuse personality into every vehicle they adorn, reflecting Uno Minda’s commitment to enhancing automotive performance and aesthetics. As an automobile journalist, it’s intriguing to witness how Uno Minda continues to innovate and meet the evolving needs of car enthusiasts in the Indian market.
The C80 premium car horn derives its cutting-edge technology from the company’s strategic acquisition of Clarton Horn, Spain. As the world’s second-largest horn manufacturer and OEM supplier, Clarton’s expertise lends unmatched quality to Uno Minda’s offerings. The signature sound of the C80 resembles the majestic tones found in luxury cars, captivating discerning consumers seeking sophistication in their vehicles. Recognizing the genuine demand for premium trumpet horns among Indian drivers, Uno Minda astutely brings this sought-after product to the Indian aftermarket, aligning with the evolving preferences of automotive enthusiasts.

This trumpet horn boasts impressive specifications, delivering a commanding performance with its 80-millimeter diameter and a formidable sound output surpassing 105 decibels. Powered by a 12-volt supply, this horn operates efficiently, drawing a mere 3.5A current while producing its powerful yet melodious sound. Its compact design enhances versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of vehicles, spanning from compact hatchbacks to luxurious models. Endorsed by prestigious global OEMs like BMW, Mercedes, and Rolls Royce, these horns underscore their superior quality and remarkable potential to enhance the driving experience.

In his address, Mr. Anand Kumar, Head of Product & Strategy at Uno Minda Ltd., highlighted the evolving trend where cars evoke emotions, prompting owners to seek aftermarket upgrades for an enhanced driving experience. Recognizing the surging demand for high-quality horns that ensure safety while adding personality to vehicles, Uno Minda introduced the C80 horn. With its compact, lightweight design and premium sound quality, the C80 aims to redefine the role of horns on the road, promising to elevate the driving experience with its distinct tone. Kumar expressed confidence that the C80 would soon become a sought-after choice among car enthusiasts, leaving a lasting impression on the market.

The C80 vehicle horn epitomizes Uno Minda’s steadfast dedication to on-road safety and consumer contentment. Meticulous market research has meticulously crafted its design and functionality, ensuring adherence to the highest standards of quality and reliability. Rigorous testing, including 100,000 cycles of environmental simulations, assures durability and peak performance in all conditions. Furthermore, its low current consumption of 3.5 amps ensures effortless integration with any vehicle’s electrical system, without imposing undue strain.

Moreover, Uno Minda’s emphasis on providing a secure and genuine customer experience is evident in the premium packaging, featuring a lock-and-tear feature to deter counterfeiting. Additionally, its universal fit ensures easy installation in any car model, enhancing accessibility for all users. The Ultimo C80 premium trumpet horn comes with a one-year warranty, competitively priced at MRP 1080 INR. It is available at major online and offline retail outlets, including UnoMinda Kart, Amazon, and Flipkart, ensuring widespread availability for customers.


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