Cooper-Standard Holdings Inc.  the parent company of Cooper- Standard Automotive Inc. (“Cooper Standard”), has  announced that it will consolidate its Goldsboro, N.C. facilities into one to improve its competitive position in North America and invest in the remaining location to bring it in line with world-class facilities that meet key metrics set forth by both the company and its customers.

The company plans to consolidate manufacturing operations from its 207,000-square foot facility located at 280

Woodland Church Road into its 167,000-square foot facility located at 308 Fedelon Trail Road. Some of the business will also be moved to other Cooper Standard locations in North America. The transition will begin immediately and is slated for completion in late 2015 to early 2016. As a result of the consolidation, approximately 300 employees, including contract and some permanent workers, will be affected, with 400 employees remaining at the Fedelon Trail facility.

Through the consolidation, the Fedelon Trail location will be refurbished to accommodate consolidated business from the Woodland Church location, which will now be used for warehouse space. Opened in 1963, Cooper Standard’s Fedelon Trail facility will continue to produce Cooper Standard’s sealing systems.



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