Rane_TRW_1‘Safety first and foremost’ is the mantra that defines the makers of the hydraulic pump and the rack & pinion, the two vital components of the steering architecture that ensure you reach your destination in safety and comfort.

One company that stands out in the production of hydraulic pumps and rack & pinion is Rane TRW Steering Systems Limited (RTSSL), Chennai, whose commitment to the highest standards of quality led them to become one of the leading suppliers to utility and commercial vehicle OMEs.

We undertook a short journey to the RTSSL plant to observe the transfiguration of rack & pinion and hydraulic pumps at the company’s flagship facility in Guduvancherry, about 35 km south of Chennai. This facility has two manufacturing value streams – to make hydraulic pumps and rack & pinion gears.

The pump division has 81 suppliers including ten from abroad, primarily sourced from Korea and Japan. The rack & pinion division has 82 suppliers including 27 mainly from Europe with most of whom TRW, it partner, has an ongoing partnership.

While driving, when you twirl the steering wheel, does your vehicle take the turn smooth and efficiently without any discomfort? If the answer is yes, then it is due to the efforts exerted by steering system manufacturers, who are aptly supported by the one who makes the rack & pinions as well as hydraulic pumps.




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