Axalta Coating Systems, today announced its 2024 Global Automotive Colour of the Year ‘Starry Night’.

The latest edition marks the 10th year Axalta has introduced its automotive colour of the year and the first time it has featured a black shade.

Starry Night is a deep, modern colour that features light blue and silver flakes, reminiscent of the vastness of space and our desire to explore it. The black shade represents bold creativity and the determination to achieve new heights. As a versatile hue, Starry Night complements both classic and contemporary design styles and pairs well with various colours, finishes, patterns, and textures.

“According to Dan Benton, the Global Colour Marketing Director at Axalta, black is the second most popular automotive colour worldwide. Axalta is excited to introduce their 2024 Global Automotive Colour of the Year, which features a black shade called ‘Starry Night.’ This particular hue is a unique combination of brightness and distinction, where black is vibrant and dark is classy. The colour is a perfect blend of cosmic and classic elements, and it truly embodies everything that Axalta stands for.”

Axalta first introduced its Global Automotive Colour of the Year in 2015 with Radiant Red. Since then, the company’s global team of colour experts has collaborated annually to introduce a trending and up-in-coming shade for the automotive industry.  



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