Yamaha inaugurated its training school for under privileged youth at Don Bosco Technical Campus in Chennai. Yamaha Training School (YTS) is an outcome of the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR). “ As a responsible corporate, supporting India’s mission we have initiated this activity which paves way for underprivileged to get employment opportunities on successful completion of 1 year program at YTS. The road map is drawn in such a way that every student has to be trained from helper level to supervisor level,” says Ravinder Singh, Vice President, Strategy and Planning,Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt Ltd. “This will even pave way for us to efficiently confront the after sales, buckle down, address and redress customer’s grievances,” Singh added in his verdict.


According to Masaki Asano, Managing Director, Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt Ltd, “The situation prevailing in India calls for a gap analysis between the skills acquired and the skills expected. There is a huge skills gap in this industry and this a welcoming initiative where-in the underprivileged will be value added on getting imparted with this training program and completing the same successfully will fetch him a job addressing the unemployment which is ubiquitous in the downtrodden segment in India. This hinders the development of a Nation and it is the responsibility for every corporate to redress this avalanche targeting the weaker section of the society. We foresee employment opportunities for many right ones at our dealers zone.”


Yamaha rallies now in the launching groove and this Chennai launching event is considered to be the 15th event. Out of these 15 launches, 6 launches have happened in different areas (West Bengal, Mukkom in Calicut, Wayanad district Calicut, Guwahati, Liluah) including Chennai joining hands with Don Bosco. This training program embarks in Chennai, training students on basic helper level and subsequently preparing them on the periodic maintenance of the vehicle with a little knowledge on diagnosis of the issue. This 1 year curriculum stages the student as Bronze certified from Yamaha. This Bronze certification gives students employment opportunities. The student’s further interest is encouraged and we could signal him to take a silver certification and on completing the same he would have acquired the knowledge of spotting the complex issues in the vehicle and confronting the same with solution.

Furthermore, student has opportunities to expertise in the 2-wheeler market enrolling in the gold certification program where-in he becomes the Gold certified experts, adept in root cause analysis. To become a Gold Certified Expert his slog tenure is 5 years. Having gained Gold expertise he/she could even be designated as Supervisor for the 2 wheeler segment in Yamaha plant, Chennai which is now under the trial operations. This initiative knocks the door of women too a budding moment if getting grabbed will empower them in this industry too.


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