Official awards ceremony on 16 September 2014


The winners of the 2014 Automechanika Innovation Awards have been chosen. On 28 August, an independent jury of eight experts agreed on the seven winners whose innovative solutions and futureoriented products are to be honoured and shown at Automechanika Frankfurt. The winners were selected from 120 entries, 66 of them from Germany and 54 from other countries. No awards were given in the Tuning and Service Station & Car Wash categories.

The jury is made up of experts from relevant trade associations, media and industry: Ralph M. Meunzel, Springer Fachmedien München GmbH; Wolfgang Michel, Vogel Business Media GmbH & Co. KG; Wilhelm Hülsdonk, Federation of the German Motor Vehicle Trade (Zentralverband Deutsches Kraftfahrzeuggewerbe – ZDK); Prof Axel Schumacher, Bergische Universität Wuppertal; Thomas Mareis, Krafthand Medien GmbH; Prof Helmut Tschöke, Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg; Matthias Dingfelder, Lower Franconia Handicrafts Chamber (Handwerkskammer für Unterfranken); Matthias Rittinger, RWTH Aachen, Institute for Motor Vehicles (Institut für Kraftfahrzeuge).

The awards will be presented during the Automechanika opening ceremony in ‘Saal Panorama’, Forum Messe Frankfurt, at 10.00 hrs on 16 September 2014 and visitors will be able to see the awardwinning products from each category at the Innovation Awards exhibition in the foyer of Hall 4.1 throughout the fair.

On the following pages, you will find details of the winners in each category with the name of the product, a brief description and contact information.


Category: Parts & Components

Continental Aftermarket GmbH: VDO REDI-Sensor

The VDO REDI-Sensor is a pre-programmed tyre-pressure control sensor that covers a multitude of vehicle models with only three variations. Moreover, no additional programming is required. With the REDI-Sensor, workshops are perfectly equipped for the introduction of tyre-pressure control systems in Europe.


Category: Electronics & Systems


TMD MK3 is a multi-marque product for fleet controlling and telemobility unrivalled worldwide. Only TEXA offers a multi-marque diagnosis model that is connected to the vehicle via the OBD box. Integrated are 2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE telephone module; Bluetooth 4.0 Classic and LE module; GNSS module; 2 three-axis acceleration sensors, gyroscope, altimeter and double micro-processor.


Category: Accessories

PANNEX AG: PANNEX tyre sealant

PANNEX is a new, highly effective and environmentally friendly tyre sealant used for emergency tyre repairs. Micro-fibre based, the product is fully biodegradable and can seal punctures of up to 8 mm. Repairable tyres can be reused.


Category: Repair & Diagnostics

TEXA S.p.A.: Augmented Reality Glasses by Texa

Developed  by TEXA in cooperation with Epson Italia, the Epson BT-200 glasses enable technicians to see all the information needed for a repair by projecting it in front of their eyes while they are working on the vehicle.


Category: Repair & Maintenance

MAHA Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG:

MFP 3000 MAHA dynamometer

The MAHA MFP 3000 is the first dynamometer that permits a vehicle to be test driven and the safety and driver-assistance systems tested on an auto hoist. Thus, it provides for an efficient testing procedure and greater road safety.


Category: IT & Management

Car-O-Liner AB: Vision 2

Vision 2 is the fast, precise and user-friendly software for 3D measuring systems. Vision™ is the modern measuring software Car-O-Liner that guides technicians through the entire repair process and carries out centring, measuring and documentation work automatically. The software was developed by Car-O-Liner for use with the Car-O-Tronic™ and PointX™ measuring systems.


Category: OE Products & Services

Industrie Saleri Italo S.p.A.: Modular pump

The compact, inexpensive device adjusts the coolant flow exactly in accordance with engine requirements and cooling-system temperature and thus helps improve engine efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.



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