WIDMA® has introduced the Hobgrind HG200, a five-axis CNC machine for regrinding high-precision hobs and shaper cutters of both spur and helical type. This machine is ideal for gear manufacturers, particularly those who want to perform regrinding operations in-house with end-to-end quality control, as well as benefit from lower inventory levels and lead time. The new machine is thermally stable, ensuring that the hobs are ground to the highest precision levels. It has a sleek and compact appearance, but a strong structure. The Hobgrind HG200 weighs nearly 4.5 tonnes and has a cast iron base with special vibration dampening characteristics that allow for smooth performance and accuracy.

Key Highlights

  • The work head (A-axis) is driven directly by a high-torque motor coupled with a high-resolution encoder for precise component indexing
  • The tailstock, which holds hobs on mandrels between the centres, is pneumatically actuated to allow for quick change while maintaining rigidity
  • A motorised wheel dresser is available as an option for dressing the grinding wheel on the machine.
    For hobs with higher helix angles, this feature ensures a high degree of accuracy on the reground profile. The FANUC CNC system provides best-in-class performance
  • A special menu-driven software called e-Gris is leveraged for hob and shaper cutter resharpening, having an operator-friendly interface
  • The machine has an in-built probe that checks the orientation of the hob before regrinding
  • The hob inspection program developed for the measurement of the hob after grinding is as per DIN 3968 or ANSI/AGMA including a measurement report

The machine is outfitted with a direct drive grinding spindle with a peak power of 11 kW and a maximum speed of 9000 rpm.
For precise and accurate movement, ball screws for the three linear axes are directly coupled to high torque AC servo motors.
The machine also has roller guideways, which provide high rigidity and allow the linear axes to reach a maximum traverse speed of 20 m/min. The work head has an ISO 50 taper for component holding and a worm-drive arrangement with a high-resolution external encoder for direct feedback on its swivel axis (B-axis).

Precision, versatility, and a shorter cycle time enable users to significantly reduce the cost of regrinding hobs and shaper cutters.
The machine’s hob inspection cycle inspects the hob before removing it from the machine after regrinding. The machine also includes safety features such as an automatic fire extinguisher and pneumatic counterbalance for the vertical axis, as well as a brake on the vertical servo motor to keep the machine safe in the event of a power outage. The Hobgrind 200 is now available for purchase from WIDMA’s cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Bengaluru.

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