With the sunrise of new decade, the year 2021 has brought up all the positivity with it.

Considering the previous year with hurdles for businesses due to the pandemic situation, this year is totally different from it. 2021 will be a benchmark for the future trade activities with virtual business events.

Physical business events like, exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, networking sessions, are nearly obsolete today, due to the precautionary measures of Covid-19.

These events were giving a boost to the businesses where they were able to exhibit their products or services, launch their products, crack a business deal, get relevant leads through the trade fair, and many more things.

Now all these business boosters are live through the virtual medium. A full-fledged virtual reality platform is used for exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, networking sessions, etc.

Virtual exhibitions have all the features, which makes the business communication easier than ever. Various business opportunities are flowing through this virtual reality platform.

Such virtual exhibition platforms have various virtual features which make it easier for business communications and in turn getting some relevant leads through it.

Businessmen find this virtual platform easier to communicate with their potential customers, as they can have a direct contact with their desired prospects.

Now, the question arises that how and when such exhibitions are organised? But there’s no need to worry about it, as a grand virtual platform has been created for the sole purpose of organising the virtual exhibitions named- Digi Expo

Digi Expo is a State-of-the-Art virtual platform, developed specifically for the virtual exhibitions and generating business figures for the exhibitors and participants.

Digi expo is a platform with the high-end technology having following features –

  • Virtual Trade Fair Halls – virtual trade fair halls are created where the exhibition will take place. These trade fair halls will have number of exhibition booths present, where the actual exhibition will take place.
  • Virtual Exhibition Booths – these are 3D exhibition booths enabled with 360° vision, where the exhibitor will be exhibiting for their products and services. This booth has various features like- Video promotions, PDF brochures, Product displays, Meeting Scheduler, etc.
  • Virtual B2B Meets – a dedicated digital space provision has been made in the Digi expo platform where you can have a one-to-one meet with your desired prospect.
  • Virtual Product Launches – an open ground space is created within the platform, where product launches are done, and products are showcased.
  • Virtual Conferences & Networking sessions – virtual conference halls are developed within the platform which has the maximum visitor capacity.
  • Support for Business Generation – with all these features, Digi Expo supports the exhibitors for their business generation with all the necessary assistance
  • Live Dashboard for tracking of visitors – Digi Expo has a live dashboard for tracking the visitor’s movement on the exhibition booth, which helps the exhibitor to track their business activities.

With these offerings, Digi Expo is the most attention-grabbing event which offers many business insights through the virtual platform.

Digi Expo has organised 6 mega virtual exhibitions, scheduled in the year 2021 for 6 different industrial sectors, namely-


  • Auto Digi Expo – March 2021
  • Rail Digi Expo – May 2021
  • Defence & Aerospace Digi Expo – July 2021
  • Agri Digi Expo – September 2021
  • Casting & Forging Digi Expo – October 2021
  • Global Subcon Digi Expo – December 2021


These are the upcoming virtual exhibitions, for the above said sectors. The entire platform of Digi Expo is enabled with 360° vision with custom 3D views, and this makes the virtual exhibition worth exhibiting to generate new business opportunities. Digi Expo is open for every industrial segment for virtual exhibitions.

For more information about these events, you can visit www.digi-expo.com, and register through the link provided.

Digi Expo- a state-of-the art virtual reality platform!



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