WABCO India Limited launched it Intelligent Trailer Program at WABCO India’s test track in Chennai. WABCO’s award-winning Intelligent Trailer Program is an industry-first initiative now being launched in India. Bringing advanced technology to India’s important growth market, the Intelligent Trailer Program leverages the capabilities of WABCO’s trailer anti-lock or electronic braking control systems to provide a platform for up to 40 innovative trailer operating functions.


Designed to enhance trailer safety, security and efficiency, the Intelligent Trailer Program offers significant added value for India’s trailer manufacturers, fleet operators and cargo owners. Enabling customers to select the functions most relevant to their specific needs, the Program offers a powerful range of customizable solutions to enhance operating safety, as well as reduce transportation and fuel costs. The Intelligent Trailer Program also paves the way for India’s trailer industry to upgrade from basic braking systems to the next level of advanced braking and suspension technologies required for higher levels of vehicle automation.


“We are proud to demonstrate WABCO’s award-winning Intelligent Trailer Program for the first time in India’s important and dynamic growth market,” said Jacques Esculier, WABCO Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “As a leading global technology innovator, WABCO is unique in its capability to powerfully integrate truck and trailer control systems expertise. The launch of our pioneering Intelligent Trailer Program in India demonstrates WABCO’s unrivalled commitment to also deliver sustained Value to the trailer market through enhanced operational efficiency, safety and security.”

“Aimed at reducing the number of road accidents and delivering enhanced operational efficiency to the trailer market, we are excited to bring WABCO’s innovative Intelligent Trailer program in India,” added P. Kaniappan, WABCO India Managing Director.

WABCO demonstrated 6 key functionalities tied to the Intelligent Trailer Program at the launch event, including the Trailer Anti-Lock Braking function, Roll Stability Support, TailGUARD, OtiTire, Optilevel and OptiLink.


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