Valvoline continues with its legacy of innovation; launches Valcomp Compressor Oil Synth 68

Valvoline Cummins Private Limited, the Engine Oil manufacturer and a leading global lubricant manufacturer introduce innovative products for its customers. Realizing the need of the industrial sector and recognizing the challenges that arise from the continued operation of air compressors and air-compressor-based machines, Valvoline has launched PAO-based, full synthetic compressor oil – Valcomp Compressor Oil Synth 68 for air compressors.

Valcomp Compressor Oil Synth 68 is recommended for RIG applications where compressors take deep drilling for extended periods in dusty environments and are prone to significant wear and tear. The innovative product is formulated with Ashless Zinc free additives that extend the drain interval up to 8,000 hours in stationary electric-powered compressors and meets the stringent standards of ISO 6743-3A-DAB & DAJ & DIN 51506 VDL.

Speaking about the launch, S.K. Mukherjee, Chief Technology Officer, Valvoline Cummins Private Limited, Said, “We pay close attention to the requirement of our customers and continuously innovate products that cater to their needs and offer solutions. With changing times and technology, it is important that supporting products should also be upgraded. Being cognizant of this, we have launched Valcomp Compressor Oil Synth 68, which is superior to mineral oils and offers unbeatable performance even in the harshest of operating conditions. It helps keep costs under control and minimize factory operation interruptions, thereby ensuring better business performance.” 

In the early days, mineral oil or additives were sufficient to lubricate these compressors. But nowadays, modern compressors operate at higher temperatures and run for a longer time, frequently putting tremendous stress on mineral oil that they cannot withstand. It leads to shorter drain intervals and oil thickening, resulting in reduced operating efficiency and increased downtime of the compressor. The modern compressors of today have higher discharge air temperature, reduced oil sump and compressor size and are often multistage-compressors, challenges that only PAO-based full synthetic oil can meet.

Air compressor-based equipment comes in various configurations and is a common tool used across industries, including construction and mining. This versatile equipment can be used to operate multiple pneumatic types of equipment such as rock drilling, riveters, forging presses, air brakes, hammers, hoists, etcetera. Modern compressors are subjected to an elevated level of cyclic stress and are operated for an extended duration, challenges which are well met by Valcomp Compressor Oil Synth 68.

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