Valeo and Santrupthi Sanco has launched ‘Valeo Electrical Shoppe’ in Bengaluru. An exclusive service facility for “High-end Auto Electrical Components”, the shoppe will service auto electrical parts and deliver them to the customers who own vehicles with Valeo components. Addressing evolving customer preference, the shoppe houses high-end testing machines that can test all parameters, detect minor faults and generate a traceability code to record history for future servicing. Offering genuine Valeo parts to its customers, the shoppe promises a turnaround time of five hours for the serviced part to be delivered to the customer from the time the call for repair is received. Employing a team of technicians, skilled in servicing high-end auto electrical products and a team of runners, for picking up the defective parts and delivering them back to the customers after servicing, the shoppe, apart from a six-month guarantee, will also buy-back original Valeo assemblies from the customers and will recondition with genuine Valeo parts and sell them at an affordable price through the outlet. Valeo plans to add four such facilities across the country by 2020, at Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and in Gujarat


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