Cars have evolved into an expression of identity and passion over time, becoming synonymous with style and status. That is why car owners take great care to keep their vehicles in pristine condition. However, with limited knowledge, they tend to choose sub-standard products, including wheels, that seemingly add to the personality of their cars but compromise their safety. The aftermarket offers a wide variety of wheels varying in design and material, such as steel wheels and aluminium alloy wheels, the latter being more lightweight, durable, and fashionable.  However, there is a scarcity of alloy wheels with a perfectly balanced composition made with high-quality raw materials, a requirement for a smooth driving experience.

Recognising the alarming need to ensure higher road safety in India, Uno Minda, a leading Tier 1 supplier of Proprietary Automotive Solutions to Original Equipment manufacturers, recently announced its new premium range of alloy wheels in the Indian aftermarket in collaboration with Kosei Aluminum Co. Ltd., a Japanese global leader in aluminium Alloy wheel design and manufacturing. Uno Minda has made these stylish alloy wheels available in a variety of sizes and designs, as well as compatibility with radial and regular tube tyres, to make road safety even more accessible while adding that extra oomph to the car. Each category, Sharp, Space, Wonder, Wave, Shark, and Vega, is built to perform and designed to impress in accordance with all quality compliance regulations and guidelines laid out in India.

The key highlight of these wheels is its superior, robust built quality and design, with the integration of Japanese technology. From design to manufacturing, the entire Alloy Wheels range is a result of UNO Minda’s commitment to Make in India. Engineered using LPDC and GDC technology in highly controlled, standardised manufacturing units in India, they ensure longevity, durability, and superior performance.

Being lightweight, they are capable of improving acceleration and road handling, resulting in safer riding while improving fuel efficiency. Aside from providing resilience to the shocks and jolts that come with driving over unforgiving terrain, the high-quality aluminium used in manufacturing also allows for better heat dissipation, which enhances braking.  Furthermore, they are less likely to rust, preserving the beauty of your beloved car.

Speaking on the occasion, Uno Minda Ltd. Head of Product & Strategy (Aftermarket Domain) Anand Kumar said, “Uno Minda has been serving the Indian Automotive market as a Tier 1 supplier to OEMs for 65 years. As a reputed brand, we are known for our unmatched technological excellence in manufacturing and our customer-centric products. Over the past few years, we noticed that the Indian aftermarket was plagued with substandard alloy wheels, which was compromising road safety in India. Therefore, Uno Minda has launched a premium range of Alloy Wheels as Uno Minda Wheelz on the philosophy of “Built to perform, designed to impress.” Our latest offering gives users the best of both worlds- secure and seamless driving experience with an impressive layer of style and personality to the car.”

Uno Minda Wheelz are available at all the leading online and offline retail stores, starting at MRP of Rs. 5,990. They also come with a comprehensive 2-year finish and manufacturing warranty from the date of manufacture, underscoring the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction.


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