Real-Estate Giants Hiranandani and Blackstone Group’s joint venture company, GreenBase, has leased over 3,00,000 sq. ft. of industrial space in Pune to automotive component firm, United Industries. The company, which is a supplier for Korean automobile manufacturers in India, has leased the space in Greenbase Industrial and Logistics Parks, Talegaon. The built-to-suit manufacturing facility is scheduled to be delivered and be operational in the next eight months with the potential for employment for nearly 600-800 people.

The Talegaon industrial and logistics parks are part of MIDC-notified Integrated Industrial Areas with uninterrupted power, gas, and water supplies. As per the agreement, United Industries will hold the lease rights for a total of ten years along with a provision for potential tenure extension and expansions to accommodate the company’s scalability needs. The park at Talegaon has a total development potential of six million sq. ft. with 20 percent space already leased and operational.

Strategically located the industrial park is in proximity to the port, and modern infrastructure. This park has become a major hub for domestic and international manufacturers, warehouses, and logistics companies. In addition to providing scalability, turnaround time, cost efficiency, and compliance-friendly services, it offers employment, growth, and return on investment.

United Industries is a key supplier of Hyundai Motors and its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) suppliers. The new manufacturing unit will serve Korean clients who are already in Greenbase Park and the Hyundai Motors plant less than two km away from the site.


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