TVS Motor Company, manufacturer of two-wheelers and three-wheelers in the world, announced the launch of a new engine oil, TRU4 KRAAFT, for the Indian market.  TRU4 KRAAFT oil, a semi synthetic engine oil, has been introduced in association with Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL).  The oil boasts of a well-balanced engine oil formulation and aims to enhance the smoothness of the engine thus enhancing riding comfort.

Commenting on this, K Venkateswarlu, Senior Vice-President – Parts Business, TVS Motor company said, “We understand the criticality of a having a well-balanced engine oil formulation to extend the health of the vehicle.  With TRU4 KRAAFT, we have created a product which enhances engine durability and assures maximum fuel economy.  The product has undergone rigorous testing to meet relevant standards. We believe that when the customers experience its first-hand benefits, the oil will find wide acceptance across the aftermarket.”

The new oil boasts of a thermal oxidation which resists application temperatures beyond 140 degree Celsius to mitigate thickening tendency of the oil. Further, the formulation can disperse and keep sludge deposits away from the critical locations of the engine to ensure the cleanliness of the engine. The friction modifiers added in the formulation aid smooth clutch operation thus keeping the clutch durable. This ensures that the gears are protected against pitting and noise with the minimum viscosity variations enhancing engine durability.

The engine oil will be distributed through the IOCL distributors and retail networks across the country. It is available in the packaging of 900 ML and 1 Litre.


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