MAHLE builds on its thermal management aftermarket portfolio. Prateek Pardeshi looks at the indirect air-conditioning condensers.

Indirect air conditioning condensers are fast turning standard inclusions in modern vehicles. Their addition to the MAHLE aftermarket portfolio is aimed at workshops to in turn generate new revenue streams. It is expected that those in the business of the latter will benefit from the continued expansion of the thermal management product line. Maintenance of thermal management systems in hybrid and battery electric vehicles will take the place of regular oil changes in workshops, it is envisioned. “MAHLE is a strong partner for workshops for all aspects of thermal management. We recommend that our customers build up their skills in this area and support them accordingly,” averred Olaf Henning, Corporate Executive Vice President and General Manager MAHLE Aftermarket. To addressing this emerging market demand, MAHLE through its aftermarket business will offer a growing range of components, and in addition to these also venture into service equipment, training, and digital information solutions.

The company owns seven brands which represent innovation and high quality. MAHLE original, knecht, behr, metal leve, izumi, clevite and brain bee are operational. In January 2020, MAHLE Aftermarket acquired the entire shareholding in Behr Hella Service (BHS). This in effect meant that all of BHS assets were transferred in to MAHLE. This gave MAHLE customers access to a wide range of thermal management products for passenger cars, trucks, agricultural vehicles, and construction equipment. The products sold under the Behr brand are expected to grow further.

Olaf Henning, Corporate Executive Vice President and General Manager MAHLE Aftermarket.

With indirect condensers representing the best technical option for hybrid and electric vehicles over the directly cooled condensers said to be lesser efficient, powerful, and compact in comparison, the inclusion in the MAHLE portfolio gives the company an edge. Add to it the growing penetration of EVs makes them all the more relevant and suited to the requirements of onboard temperature optimisation. Given that workshops are projected to find their hands full, maintaining and repairing such systems over the future, MAHLE has compiled the ‘TechTool’, an online database, providing information on the design, function, repair, and maintenance of thermal management systems. MAHLE’s TechTool, which is aimed at both beginners and professionals, and provides OEM-level information in 14 languages with detailed insights into automotive air conditioning and engine cooling in passenger cars and commercial vehicles. MAHLE also offers in-depth courses that provide comprehensive expert knowledge on repair and maintenance for workshops that require employee specific training resouces at their disposal.


E-Scan, a new feature, extends the capabilities of MAHLE TechPRO® and BRAIN BEE CONNEX diagnostic tools by allowing a real-time scan of the electrical system to assess relevant parameters. It is possible to keep track of the battery pack’s status, which can be displayed in a printable report, for instance. A part of a larger development project, all error codes are recognised by MAHLE TechPRO® / BRAIN BEE CONNEX in an average of 30 seconds. The Linux-based system communicates with all of the vehicle’s modules and responds to over 54,000 OEM error code descriptions in detail. It is claimed to save all data protocols locally, allowing for subsequent output without the need to reconnect to the vehicle. The diagnostic system’s robust touch screen allows for simple, intuitive operation from current vehicle status to guided troubleshooting to relevant component coding. Regular software updates are carried out automatically via the Internet thanks to integrated Wi-Fi, ensuring that TechPRO® / CONNEX is always up to date.


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