Tesla has signed a deal with Tata Electronics to get semiconductor chips for their global operations the deal was officially signed a few months ago. This is a big step for Tesla as it shows their eagerness to enter the Indian automotive market, which is said to be the fastest-expanding market in the world. The agreement will position Tata Electronics as a trusted supplier for major clients who want to establish a part of their semiconductor value chain in India. And get this, CEO Elon Musk is actually planning to visit India this month and meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Musk might even commit funds to set up electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing facilities in India, along with other potential investments in the country. Experts estimate that Tesla could invest around $2-3 billion in India for manufacturing electric cars. Plus, recent policy changes have been made to promote the use of EVs. Automakers can now import EVs priced at $35,000 or higher with a lower import duty of 15 percent. Tata Electronics has made significant investments in indigenous technology development to support this project. They’ve also put together a highly experienced team to oversee the developments. It’s clear that they’re really committed to making this partnership a success.


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