ExxonMobil Lubricants a wholly owned affiliate of ExonnMobil Corporation announced the launch of comprehensive range of Mobil Delvac lubricants distinctively designed for diesel commercial vehicles. These range of lubricants are specially developed for Tata Motors and recommended by Tata Motors vouching the lubricant’s quality. The products announced in this range are Mobil Delvac Genuine CI-4 PLUS Oil 15W-40, Mobil Delvac Genuine CH-4 Oil 15W-40 and Mobil Delvac Genuine CF-4 Oil 15W-40. These new range of products are hatched from high performance base oils and a superior balanced additive system which together provide optimum performance through the attributes like increased viscosity,deposit control and wear protection. Tata signals its engine performance through these products and all 3 products can be reached through ExxonMobil’s distributor network across India.

Discussing on the occasion Joanne Eu, Asia Pacific Lubricants Marketing Manager, ExxonMobil Asia-Pacific said, “Mobil enjoys an established legacy as a product technology leader with the highest level of expertise, working side by side with the leading OEMs around the world. The partnership with Tata Motors is a one-up of that legacy.” Daniel Tan, Chief Executive Officer, ExxonMobil Lubricants added that, “Our partnership with Tata Motors is founded on the core ExxonMobil philosophy of taking engine oils to the level of automotive design engineering with our partners across the world. This obviously articulates our commitment to designing high performance lubricants through our technology leadership and Tata Motors’ commercial vehicles business unit (CVBU) approved our Mobile Gear and axle oils. With this new association of Tata motors with Mobil, the brand gets firmed much in the market and the co-branded range of lubricants now added to the portfolio and Tata motors in turn achieves an edge in today’s competitive marketplace with our support of lubricant technology expertise.”

Commenting on the market scenario Sanjeev Garg, Global Head, Customer Care, Tata Motors said that, “As leader in India’s rapidly evolving and highly demanding commercial vehicle space, we have to constantly challenge ourselves in designing vehicles for a wide set of applications. We are happy to have partnered ExxonMobil in developing this new range of Mobil lubricants for Tata Motors’ commercial vehicles. The partnership with Mobil will help us to stand by our commitment to our customers and deliver beyond their expectations.”

Exxon’s brand underscored its quality with the encryption of the fact that one of the world’s first brands lubricants Mobil Delvac celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2015.Since Exxon’s inception the Mobil Delvac brand whirlwinds the market with its solutions to diesel-powered commercial vehicles and the technology is used in numerous on and off highway applications. For ExxonMobil, innovation, technological leadership and application expertise lie at the core of the company’s products portfolio of advanced lubricants solutions for businesses across all sectors. The innovation in advanced lube technology adds value to customers’ businesses, helping them to advance their capabilities and stimulate growth. The new range designed and formulated for India’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, bears testimony to this commitment to innovation.


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