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Tata AutoComp Systems, India’s leading auto-component conglomerate has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with USA based DC charging infrastructure company Tellus Power Green to supply AC and DC Fast Chargers for entire range of electric vehicles – Two Wheelers, Three Wheelers, Passenger Vehicles and Commercial Vehicles in India.

Speaking on the occasion Mr Arvind Goel, MD, Tata Autocomp Systems said: “As part of Tata Group initiative, Tata AutoComp has been planning a significant play in providing systems and components for Electric Vehicles, as well as provide enabling systems for establishing charging infrastructure. Tata AutoComp has already established joint ventures for providing Electric Driveline as well as Battery Packs for Passenger Cars, Commercial vehicles as well as fast developing two wheelers and three wheelers in India. Tata AutoComp and Tellus will now provide various sizes of AC chargers from 3 kW to 11kW for home and residential complexes as well as DC Fast Chargers from 20kW to 300kW to meet the needs to charge various types of vehicles in public places such as office and commercial parking lots, convenience public charging stations within cities as well as highways, dedicated depots for commercial vehicles etc. to name a few. This arrangement is another step in fulfilling the strategic intent of Tata AutoComp to provide ‘Charge to Drive’ solutions for the electric vehicles.”

“For our Tellus Power Green brand, which is recognized and consolidated throughout many countries worldwide, this partnership with a company like Tata AutoComp Systems will further strengthen Tellus’ existing presence in India. As a team we are hoping for significant contribution to the Fame II initiative by government of India. Tellus Power Green has been part of many clean energy initiatives globally is a leader in electric mobility markets. Thanks to this alliance we can achieve the promotion of Electric mobility in an efficient way and benefit more countries internationally” – Randhir Reddy, Global CEO.

Tata AutoComp’s offerings to the emerging EV segment now include Motors, Controllers, Integrated Drivetrain (Integrated Motor, Inverter and Reducer), Battery Pack, BMS, Battery Thermal Management System, Batter Cooling Plates, Inverter Cooling modules, Chillers, E- Compressors, Radiators as well as EV Chargers required to charge the electric vehicle.


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