Microsoft has been supporting startups drive innovation and address some of the most pressing challenges with the use of technology. One such startup is SUN Mobility, which is aiming to revolutionize the electric mobility sector through a shared-economy model focusing on the battery ecosystem.

Adoption of electric mobility has been sluggish, largely due to the absence of adequate public-charging infrastructure and apprehensions associated with cost-effectiveness, range limits and refueling time. To address these concerns, SUN Mobility has introduced a pay-as-you-go battery as a service system that is run on a digital platform built on Microsoft Azure. A subscription-based service, it enables the customers to replace the batteries of their e-vehicles at the swapping stations – similar to refueling at a petrol station. They can also use an app, which connects with their EV’s battery and gives them real-time information of their battery’s performance and the nearest swap station.

The batteries as well as swap stations are connected to the Cloud using Microsoft Azure and built-in solutions like Azure IoT Hub, Azure Data Factory, CosmosDB, Azure Databricks, among others, that transmit battery performance telemetrics back to SUN Mobility, thereby enhancing their service


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