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Titanium has so much to offer eyewear. Its inherent characteristics deliver benefit after benefits
that is so in line with the needs of the wearer. Modern rimless styles have won many converts with an uncluttered and free field of vision that can seem like there’s nothing holding the lenses in place. ‘The combination of Titanium with contemporary, minimalist rimless designs has created a category of frames with remarkable properties and appeal,’ explains Sagar Doshi of STEPPER EYEWEAR INDIA  LLP. ‘Their feather-light weight and delicate aesthetics appeal lies an inner strength, toughness and durability. These frames are surprisingly forgiving, even for the clumsiest of wearers.’

The SI-96882 is just one of the comprehensive collections of modern, minimalist rimless styles
available from STEPPER. Designers working alongside manufacturing engineers create subtle tweaks
and modifications resulting in a simple look that also allows for the individuality of the wearer to
shine through. A key skill of the STEPPER development team is the ability to produce colours that are on-trend and
also work across skin tones to offer something that really suits the wearer. The SI-96882 is available
in a choice of 5 colours – Maroon, Black, Silver, Brown and Gold. Personality and style with long-lasting looks and weighing just 4.6 grams ensure the SI-96882 delivers day-long.


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