Stanadyne, manufacture of diesel and gasoline systems publicises the instigation of next generation fuel injection systems. The company’s newly launched next-generation diesel fuel injection system for the Indian market, which is targeted at off-road applications has been fully developed by Stanadyne’s engineering team in India with 90% localisation. Particulates have been injected in the air via emissions and the air pollution has become pervasive where the ill effects of the same ascend and hits the red gong. Urgent need for clean technology is required to reduce emissions which in turn instill fresh thinking in fuel injection systems particularly for engines below 50 HP says Dr John Pinson, President and CTO, Stanadyne.


These engines often serve farming, construction and industrial sectors which contributes 95% of off road particulate emissions. Engineering team in Stanadyne keeping in mind the Indian sub continent market develops new product addressing the dual concerns vis-à-vis high fuel costs and air quality emissions. Pinson commented that the innovative fuel injection system will enable manufacturers to achieve efficiency a step ahead than expected, increased performance and lower emissions.

Sanjay Chadda, Managing Director, Stanadyne India added that India is working vigorously on emission standards and Stanadyne before hand foresees and works in-line with the emission standards and this infuses clean technology thinking in our engineering minds results in the current initiative of environmental friendly fuel injection system administered with re-engineering technology. The already proven pump technology is now in proposal stage for engines below 50 HP which enables reduction in particulate emissions by 50% improving engine power and fuel economy. Clear air, clear sky, quality life are inevitable attributes to have a synonymous standards with government regulations and Stanadyne now emulates the same per-se with technology driven research and development.


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