Sansera_1Text and Photos: Bhargav TS

There are around 30,000 components in a car complementing one another. And not all are sensitive in terms of performance; but the components manufactured by Sansera Engineering play a major role in the engine by converting reciprocating motion into rotational motion, which is done by none other than the ‘Connecting Rod’ or conrod in automotive parlance. The conrod connects the piston to the crankshaft, which is made of special alloy designed to withstand dynamic stresses from combustion and piston movement. The small end of the connecting rod connects to the piston with a piston pin and the large end connects to the crank pin journal to provide a pivot point on the crankshaft.

Sansera_2Sansera started its journey in 1987 by manufacturing rocker arms, later in 2005 it began making integral conrods, and from 2008 onwards commenced production of a wide range of connecting rods like split conrod, fractured conrod and piston conrod assembly. Sansera has been adding new products and customers every year and at present it serves 25 customers with more than 20 products in its kitty. Globally, it supplies rocker arms to Honda Motorcycles, Yamaha, Maruti Suzuki and General Motors, and conrods to FPT Powertrain Technologies.


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