Present for over 70 years in global market, SAE-SMB has excelled in the manufacturing of axles and suspensions for trailers and semi-trailers. Giulio Segneri, Director, ADR India, speaks to correspondent Deven Lad about SAE-SMB’s commitment towards Indian Automotive market and their vision for the future.

Q. What is the range of products SAE-SMB is offering to the Indian Market?

A. SAE SMB has a wide range of products. It majorly manufactures axles and suspension for trailer applications including trailers and semi-trailers. We provide axles for 12, 14,15 and 16-tonne trailers. We also provide pneumatic suspension for 12-tonne and mechanical suspension for 12,14 and 16-tonne trailer. SAE-SMB also offers a wide and versatile range of mechanical and pneumatic suspensions which are simple yet reliable, functional and adaptable. The drum brakes occupy a leading position in the market and most products meet efficiency and safety requirements of the market.

Q. How different is the Indian market compared to other markets worldwide?

A. We are in India for over two years and we foresee that the Indian market is growing at a good pace. Developing countries like India have a good potential for business where the local market requires good quality reliable products and the post-market is also expected to grow. Hence to make our presence much stronger, we decided to enter the Indian market. We have our factory in Pune now, we produce and distribute for auto sector in India.

Q. The Indian auto sector is going through a rough patch. How does your company plan to pursue business in India while the country faces an economic slowdown?

A. Auto sector is of course facing ups and downs like any other economic sector and we are not worried about what is going on right now. We are more focused on what will happen in the next five to 20 years. What is going on right now depends on the current situation in the local as well as global market. Some equilibrium is expected to change with the implementation of new regulations like BSVI. All these changes will have an impact on what we have today but this is not what we are looking for. We are looking at long term and we know that India is a big country with a big market and our future looks very promising here.

Q. How different are SAE-SMB products from the competition?

A. We have built our knowledge base on the back of the European market experience. We are a part of Italian group, ADR Group which is based in north Italy and we are also present in many other countries including in China, Brazil, Australia, North America and Canada. Our global presence gives us the knowledge and experience. Being new to the Indian market we are still in the learning phase but we come with a background of having more than 60 years of experience in the field. Products for each country are developed as per the customer requirement. We have made improvements and modifications to our products to meet Indian condition, climate and roads. We are creating our niche in the India market.

Q. What is the future of SAE-SMB products in India?

A. Our aim is to be close to the customer as we are making products that have some specific characteristic requirement of the market. We are not only looking at selling the product but we also want to sell our support and partnership. To meet customer requirement we want to develop a quality product we rely upon and give the customers the service they desire. It is also important to make the spare parts available when required. Be near, Be present, Be ready to give answers, Be fast in the response is what we believe in. In India, we have our own design department so if any changes required we can immediately work on our design and articulate it. We no longer need an expert designer from Europe to give us feedback. Since our designer is based here, it is easier to pass on the feedback quickly. We are working on these parameters to give us a position in the market that is a little bit different from others. We want to provide not only good products but also good service and fast feedback. ACI


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