Mid-sized motorcycle manufacturer, Royal Enfield launched its retail operations in Thailand, with the price announcement of its complete range of motorcycles, apparel and accessories at the launch of its first exclusive store in Thonglor, Bangkok. For the two-wheeler manufacturer it is the first retail store in Thailand and has been set up by General Auto Supply Co. Ltd.

The 1190 square feet store creates an ambiance of motorcycle enthusiast’s living room by featuring an interesting visual merchandising format, comfortable sitting spots in several corners, and innovative product displays, which include a wall display of a stripped down Continental GT showcasing the bike’s internals and frame. The store will house not only Royal Enfield’s motorcycle range but also its complete range of apparels and accessories, including purpose-built protective riding gear and lifestyle gear. The space of store has been designed not just as a point of purchase but also a meeting point for enthusiasts to have conversations around motorcycling.

The 3685 square feet retail outlet located at 842 SoiSukhumvit 55 (Thonglor), Sukhumvit Road, KlongtanNua, Wattana, Bangkok, is a full-service dealership by General Auto Supply is equipped to provide service and aftermarket capabilities. Royal Enfield will work closely with General Auto Supply to bring an unique experience for motorcycle enthusiast in the region.

In Bangkok, Royal Enfield’s iconic motorcycle the Bullet is available at a price of THB 179800 for 500cc. While, Royal Enfield Classic 500 is available for THB 189800 and Classic Chrome for THB 198800. The Royal Enfield Continental GT 535cc café racer is also available at a price of THB 219800.

Royal Enfield is today one of the most profitable automotive brands in the world and we believe that our future growth will come from our international markets such as Thailand where motorcycles are a popular medium of commuting. Our phenomenal success in India gives us the confidence to thrive in similar markets like Thailand and Indonesia, which will play an instrumental role in fueling our growth in Asia. We see a huge potential for our evocative, all purpose, and middle-weight (250-750cc) motorcycles that will allow customers an optimum choice for upgrade,” said Arun Gopal, International Business Head, Royal Enfield.

Also, Thailand is home to one of the most enthusiastic and seasoned riding communities in the world, with thousands of riding clubs and a prevalent culture of leisure riding. With Royal Enfield coming into the market riding enthusiasts will have an option to ride an unique product that is known for its leisure riding experiences”, he added.

Royal Enfield has been expanding its global retail footprint across UK, Europe, Latin America, Middle-East and now in South East Asia, with its most recent launch in Indonesia. The two-wheeler maker announced its entry into Thailand, the 5th largest two-wheeler market in the world in Dec 2015, at the Thailand International Motor Expo.

In 2015 the company sold over 450,000 motorcycles across the globe to support its global growth strategy and also announced its plan to produce up to 900,000 motorcycles by end of 2018, from 2 of its existing manufacturing facilities and a third upcoming facility, in Tamil Nadu, India. The company is also building two new technology centres – one in India and one in UK.


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