Mandatory quality control norms for 70 sizes, types of tyres from next year

Around 70 types and sizes of tyres, manufactured by more than one company, will come under the mandatory quality control norms from March next year.The department will notify an updated list of total 960 tyre sizes and types by making necessary modification in the previous list of 600 tyres.

The list of the remaining 890 tyre sizes and types, which are not being domestically manufactured and are imported from overseas, shall be added in the exemption list of the quality control order for tyres.

“Out of these 960 tyres, 70 are now manufactured by more than one manufacturer and would be excluded from the exemption list of quality control order of 2009 with effect from March 1, 2025,” said an official.

The official added that the review of the list of tyres is a regular exercise carried out by inter-ministerial committee as in order to curb the imports of substandard products into India, prevention of unfair trade practices and enhance quality of the domestically manufactured products, pneumatic tyres and tubes for automotive vehicles are subject to quality controls and BIS certification.

The government has also restricted the imports of new pneumatic tyres from ‘free’ earlier which means importers have to apply for licence to import such tyres.


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