Omega Seiki Mobility, part of Anglian Omega Group of companies and FITT, Delhi – an industry interface organization established by the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IITD) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for joint working on Electric Vehicle technologies and advanced research today. The collaboration will be primarily aimed at innovating alternate energy powered vehicles and other emerging technologies in EV space, including efficiency and performance improvement of Omega Seiki Mobility’s existing vehicles.

On the signing of the MoU Uday Narang, Chairman, Anglian Omega Group said “We are excited to collaborate with FITT for exploring the valuable resources in alternative energy powered vehicles and other emerging technologies in the EV industry. Partnering with the best premier technical and research university will not only contribute to India but to the whole world, through excellence in scientific and technical education and research will ultimately serve as a treasured resource for industry and society as a whole.”

Dr. Anil Wali, Managing Director of FITT said that “E-mobility has arrived in India. This is a milestone occasion as it brings together two parties from different walks of life, who has the potential to work jointly towards this Global Disruption of Electric Mobility”.

The strategic collaboration between OSM and FITT will leverage Omega Seiki Mobility in terms of Design, simulation, product development, prototyping and production of automotive components and full vehicle development of Two, Three and Four- Wheeler Electric Vehicles. OSM will be making its vehicles, design & manufacturing facilities and lab available for any prototyping, testing or sample manufacturing as part of this collaboration which will eventually subsidize FITT. Thus, contributing in scientific and technical research on Electric Mobility.

A specific list of cooperation areas and targets to achieve has been set by both the parties under this MOU.

  Area of cooperation Part of vehicle Target to achieve
1. Technology Battery & BMS Chemistry and materials selection for Li-Ion battery.
Thermal management of Li-Ion battery in Indian climatic conditions.
Charge/discharge rate and performance, life enhancement.
Communication with the vehicle control system.
Powertrain Selection and design of Motor.
Drive train design.
In-wheel motor technology development.
Electronics Power electronics-based design and development of EVs.
Charging system New charging system development for EVs Protocol and communication system.
Telematics Telematics to capture vehicle data, user’s data on real time basis.
Overall vehicle architecture Design and simulation of chassis, body. FEA for suspension.
2. Performance Battery & Drivetrain How to achieve higher km/wh. End of life battery usage.
Efficiency enhancement of drivetrain. NVH reduction.
Mileage increase to 300 km single charge.

Omega Seiki Mobility launched Rage & Rage+ on Auto Expo 2020, which will primarily cater to the B2B segment. The introduction of the vehicles will usher a whole new concept in emission-free cargo transportation and people movement. Going forward, the cargo vehicle will provide a much-needed impetus to companies in the B2B and ecommerce segment. Also, Omega Seiki will be rolling out electric two-wheelers by Diwali this year and electric pickup trucks within the next three years. Mr. Uday Narang discourses that the agreement over reducing dependency on China for components should be treated as a positive opportunity to make India a global component supply source


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