NTK Clutch Plates is a sustainable solution for the mass motorcycle segment. Ashish Bhatia highlights the USPs of the flagship brand offering a better ride experience transcending beyond conventional standards.

Embarking on a transformative journey towards sustainable innovation, Niterra India proudly introduces its latest addition of NTK Clutch Plates under the flagship NTK brand. Unveiled on October 18, 2023, the ceremony witnessed the esteemed presence of Mamoru Musasa, the Managing Director, Sudipto Sanyal, Senior Vice President handling Sales and marketing, Corporate Affairs, and Supply Chain, along with Akihiko Yamauchi, the Vice President. Aligning with the ethos of eco-conscious manufacturing and responsible corporate practices, the unveiling ceremony was attended by a distinguished assembly, including key members of the Senior Sales Team and other influential Functional Heads. The launch sets a new standard for the industry.

An estimated current Indian aftermarket of around Rs.300 crore for the clutch plates segment is further projected to grow to Rs.650 plus crore by FY2033. The company expects it to be dominated by the latest technology, paper-based clutch plates in the future. This technological transition means that more and more motorcycles are getting an Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) fit with paper-based clutch plates instead of the conventional cork-based clutch plates. The paper-based clutch plates are known to offer consistent friction characteristics across a wide range of operating conditions in comparison to the cork-based variety that can offer variable frictional characteristics. There is a huge demand, especially in the Indian aftermarket for cork-based clutch plates. Since the majority of the Vehicles In Operation (VIO) in the motorcycle segment are based on this technology product, the company is confident that its latest offering will attract a strong appeal.

The Indian motorcycle segment is dominated by mass models from leading popular brands like Hero Motocorp, Bajaj, TVS, Honda, and Suzuki. It is also true that the premium segment is growing rapidly with higher aspirations among the riders. However, this trend has a long way to go for the segment to attain a significant market share. The company as a result is tactically targeting the mass motorcycles segment where it sees huge potential. Again, since the company is catering to the replacement market, it was imperative to go with the segment that has volumes appended.

USPs of the NTK clutch plate

NTK Clutch Plate is made with ‘The Power Of ADC-12 Alloy’. This Alloy provides unparalleled strength to the product while increasing its capacity to dissipate heat resulting in minimal wear and tear. Not only to the clutch plate but also to the mating parts. NTK Clutch Plates are not only highly durable but also provide jerk-free performance, high torque better pick-up, and smooth gear shift. NTK Clutch plate promises to deliver performance and eventually create a better riding experience.

In the auto components industry, almost all product categories are densely competed by established global brands, reputed Indian brands and Chinese players as well. The Industry is constantly changing with new technologies, new products and services. But the preference for Japanese Quality products remains a constant and that appeal has not changed giving the company a distinctive advantage.

NTK Clutch plates will create its market based on its benefits and advantages. The performance enhancement with the ‘Power of ADC-12 Alloy’ will help in delivering a better riding experience that is less stressful and more enjoyable.

A green architecture makes up the core

As a company, Niterra India PVT. LTD. is striving to offer products that contribute to the realisation of a sustainable society. Under both its flagship brands – NGK and NTK, the company has always offered sustainable automotive solutions and provided business growth opportunities to its esteemed partners. NTK Clutch plate is made of highly recyclable Aluminum ADC-12 which in itself contributes to safeguarding the environment. As a company, it is very conscious of the fact that it holds the responsibility as a corporate entity to only offer products that are not damaging the environment. The endeavour is that any product that is launched should be of high quality and provide premium user experiences to the customers.

In the future

This launch is expected to open doors for the company as it explores newer opportunities, newer technologies, and newer value-addition offerings in the Indian aftermarket. With the launch of the cork-based clutch plate, the company will look to expand into the ever-growing paper-based clutch plates as well. Under the flagship brand- NTK, it is keen to introduce many new products shortly to fulfil the quality-conscious demands from the aftermarket. This launch is one step forward in the goal to create a basket of superior quality products under the Niterra umbrella which contribute to a brighter India and a brighter world.

The new brand identity is a testament to the company’s growth and progress-oriented approach, as well as the unwavering commitment to providing innovative solutions to the company’s valued customers and partners. The response has been overwhelming since the company communicated and explained the reasons for the Company name change to Niterra India PVT. LTD. NGK brand is synonymous with high-quality and Japanese technology-backed products. With NTK Clutch Plates, it is another step forward in strategically navigating the market shifts and meeting the diverse needs of the automotive market. ACI

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