NRS Brake Pads are claimed to outdo traditional brake pads. Ashish Bhatia looks at the factors that set it apart.

North American headquartered NRS Brake Pads is among the global leaders in brake pad technology. It has won accolades for the NUCAP Retention System mechanical attachment known to have been licensed by leading brake manufacturers for over two decades. The company’s brake pads are claimed to be among the most sought after. Deemed as the world’s longest-lasting brake pads, these pads stand out over conventional brake pads owing to qualities like being rust-free. These are galvanised steel brake pads and boast superior quality, durability and longevity. From advancements in brake testing, noise suppression and environmentally safe manufacturing, NRS Brakes continues to pursue brake safety and innovation. The use of galvanised steel is said to help the NRS brake pads fend off corrosion and delamination.

The use of galvanised steel means that the steel does not deteriorate and keeps friction at bay preventing full wear down. Among other advantages of the brake pads are quieter operation and improved braking performance. The company is claimed to test all its brakes beyond the standards required of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The company, for instance, have fitment for all Tesla models including the Model S, Model 3, Model X and the Model Y as a testimony to its acceptance. NRS Brakes’ new EV brake pads for the 2021 Chevrolet Bolt EV are claimed to reduce moisture dissipation and corrosion risk associated by critics with electric vehicle brake pads. It is claimed to have been adapted for regenerative braking. Expanding its line of premium brake pads for both Lexus and Toyota sport utility vehicle and pickup truck drivers, NRS Brakes recently launched new galvanized brake pads designed exclusively for 2013-2020 Lexus LX570, 2008-2020 Toyota Land Cruiser, 2007-2017 Toyota Tundra and 2008-2017 Toyota Sequoia.

The X factor

NRS brake pads rely on the use of zinc-plated steel construction and premium friction materials. This is aimed at making sure the availability of superior stopping power throughout the life of the entire brake pad. The pads use the patented SHARK-Metal™ technology in a bid to ensure that the friction material never delaminates from the backing plate. This, in turn, is said to guarantee more secure, safer stops. The SHARK-Metal™ Technology works such that it mechanically fuses the backing plate to the friction material, giving rise to what the company calls an indestructible bond. It is not new for the automotive industry to benefit from the increased adoption of galvanised steel in the automotive industry. The benefits are amplified especially in coastal areas, to increase the durability of cars and the safety of passengers. While safety standards for the automotive industry by airbags, seatbelts and ABS, studies have highlighted the importance of protecting steel against corrosion as the fourth safety pillar. With nearly 50 per cent of the vehicle structure made of steel, experts have called for the need for supplying only galvanised steel to the automotive industry for the safety of people against rust and corrosion. All NRS brake pads undergo rigorous testing in one of the world’s most advanced brake testing labs to ensure quality, efficiency and performance.

Fleet program

The company also targets commercial vehicle fleets with its offing. To the fleet owner, it claims to offer maximum return on investment given that the brakes last longer than the traditional brake pads. It rates the brakes high on safety as it is claimed to never delaminate. The use of galvanised steel means the brakes are claimed to outlast the frictional material they are attached to. Keeping the total cost of ownership and high uptime requirements of fleets at the forefront, the reduced wear and tear associated with the brakes means less time in the bay for repairs. If ever the brake pads result in a failure as a result of delamination and or separation, NRS Brakes sweetens the deal by offering a lifetime guarantee. The company will replace the brake pads at no cost. NRS Brakes is a founding member of the SafeBraking and Global Brake Safety Council consortiums besides being a part of the NUCAP family of innovative companies. ACI


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