Nissan strengthened its service network for its customers in India by joining hands with MyTVS, a brand owned by TVS Automobile Solutions Private Limited (TVS ASPL), one of India’s largest car service networks. Together with MyTVS, Nissan will soon have 8 Nissan Authorised Service Points (NASP) in Tamil Nadu, in addition to its own dealer network of 23 outlets, to improve customer access to car service. Datsun began sales of its third model in India, the redi-GO urban cross, in early June so the option of having greater access to car servicing adds to the appeal of buying a Datsun vehicle for prospective customers.

MyTVS outlet

MyTVS outlet

“Increased options and more convenient access to car servicing makes our customers happier,” said Guillaume Sicard, President of Nissan India Operations. “We are always striving to enhance the pleasure of owning a Nissan or Datsun car in India. Our partnership with MyTVS shows Nissan’s unwavering commitment to improving convenience and satisfaction for our customers,” he added.

The Nissan Authorised Service Points (NASP) will offer increased customer convenience in terms of service and repair. The services offered will include genuine parts availability, consumable service parts replacement (such as oil filters and brake pads), and trained staff providing expert service. Nissan and MyTVS are moving forward with plans for further expansion of NASPs to cover other locations throughout India.
Srinivas Raghavan, Executive Director, MyTVS said, “We’re delighted to be associated with global brands like Nissan and Datsun. This is an important tie-up for us which helps expand our presence and enjoy various synergies that are generated between our companies that add value for our customers.”

As the Nissan and Datsun brands’ product portfolios develop, establishing an extensive, quality-focused sales and service network is central to their long-term growth in India. Nissan aims to double its reach by 2017 with a total presence of 300 dealers throughout India, aiming to grow its network to cover 95% of the population.


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