Beginning early in 2015, Meritor will launch a portfolio of products that supports trucking industry demand for fuel economy through downspeeding of engines.

Meritor will offer a 2.28 ratio on its 14X tandem for 6×4 linehaul applications and a 2.31 ratio on its new FUELite+ tandem for the 6×2 market. These fast axle ratios can be integrated with the soon-to-be launched RPL35 and RPL35SD drivelines, which are capable of handling high torques resulting from downspeeding. This comprehensive approach to downspeeding ensures the torque is transmitted evenly throughout the drivetrain without stressing any particular component and compromising reliability.

“The new axle ratios and the RPL Permalube drivelines are perfectly suited to accommodate the current industry trend toward downspeeding, which maintains a vehicle’s speed at lower engine rpms,” said Karl Mayer, product line director, Rear Axles for Meritor. “These new axle and driveline solutions are available to all major OEMs and can be integrated to accomplish fuel efficiency gains.”

The 14X platform, which is standard equipment on 6×4 trucks built by multiple OEMs, has been in a market-leading position with high-torque capabilities and fast ratio options since it launched in 2010.  “Meritor is taking its industry leadership to a new level by launching even faster ratios to match market demands for downsped engines,” Mayer said.

As with the new 2.28 ratio, Meritor’s FUELite+ tandem for 6×2 applications will add greater efficiency to accommodate market demand for increased fuel economy and durability.

“By enhancing the 14X platform, expanding our 6×2 lineup with FUELite+ and launching the RPL35 and RPL35SD drivelines, Meritor continues to offer the broadest portfolio of fuel- efficient solutions for OEMs to help reduce fleet customers’ operating costs,” Mayer said.


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