Subsequent to the success of the new long wheelbase E-Class in India, one of the only two markets in which the car was launched; the country’s largest luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz, today launched the all new E-Class 220 d in India. The launch of the all new E 220 d variant of the ‘World Luxury Car of the Year’ also marks the introduction of Mercedes-Benz’s revolutionary OM 654 diesel engine in the Indian market. The new four-cylinder diesel engine (OM 654) underlines the debut of a ground-breaking family of engines from Mercedes-Benz with a host of technological, safety and comfort features. The E 220 d powered by the new world-class four cylinder diesel engine, was rolled-out of Mercedes-Benz India’s world-class production facility in Chakan, Pune. 

Roland Folger, MD & CEO, Mercedes-Benz and Mr. Piyush Arora, Executive Director-Operations, Mercedes-Benz India at the roll out of the all new E-Class 220 d in Chakan near Pune

Roland Folger, MD & CEO, Mercedes-Benz and Mr. Piyush Arora, Executive Director-Operations, Mercedes-Benz India at the roll out of the all new E-Class 220 d in Chakan near Pune

After roll-out, Roland Folger, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India said: “The World Luxury Car of the Year has witnessed an overwhelming customer demand since its launch. With the launch of the much awaited new E 220 d, we are now extending the E-Class product portfolio even further and making it highly versatile. The launch of the new E 220 d also marks the India debut of Mercedes-Benz’s globally acclaimed, OM 654 diesel engine. The new E 220 d’s diesel mill promises to be more efficient, powerful, lighter and compact. With an unparalleled luxury quotient, best in class passenger comfort, highly agile driving dynamics and the lowest total cost of ownership; we have launched another winning product with the new E 220 d. We are very confident that the E 220 d will continue to remain the most sought after luxury business saloon and an important pillar of our product offensive in India.”

Piyush Arora, Executive Director – Operations, Mercedes-Benz India, said, “The roll-out of the E 220 d is a significant milestone for Mercedes-Benz India; as it also marks the India debut of the ground breaking OM 654 series of Mercedes-Benz’s new generation diesel engines. This is yet another instance of our production prowess achieved over the years and also highlights an unwavering commitment to our customers. We are glad to offer world-class products for the Indian customers with significant local value addition, in the shortest possible time. The start of local production of the E 220 d will be instrumental in driving higher value and making the New E-Class the most preferred luxury sedan in India”.

Local production of the new E 220 d:

Each stage of production of the new E 220 d at Mercedes-Benz India’s world-class manufacturing facility in Pune reflects the stringent quality standards of Mercedes-Benz, as applicable to the entire value chain. A contributory factor to this is the ongoing transfer of knowledge between the competence centre for luxury-class cars in Germany, and the colleagues in Mercedes-Benz India. The increasing trend towards customised vehicle manufacturing is demonstrated in the assembly of the new long wheelbase E-Class. Numerous equipment variants as well as safety and assistance systems mean that every vehicle running off the production line in India is unique.

Unique equipment for the new engine assembly:

Adding yet another first to its achievement, Electronic Torqueing is now introduced for the first time in the engine assembly for the E 220 d. Some unique equipment for the all new E 220 d comprises:

  • Oil spray nozzle position checking through optical camera

  • Bearing assembly

  • Liquid sealant application system

  • Intercooler assembly

  • Turbocharger sub-assembly fixture

Key Engine highlights:

  • Flat steel pistons with innovative Mercedes-Benz stepped combustion bowls and long connecting rods

  • All exhaust treatment technologies configured directly on the engine

  • Extensive measures for friction reduction, such as the NANOSLIDE® coating of the cylinder walls

  • Fourth-generation common rail injection

  • Offset of the crank assembly

  • Reduced displacement

  • Systematic lightweight design

  • Unusual combination: aluminium engine block and steel pistons

World premiere in a passenger car: Stepped-bowl combustion process

It is the first passenger car diesel engine to use the stepped-bowl combustion process (named after the shape of the combustion bowl) in the piston. The innovations also include the combination of aluminium engine block and steel pistons with a further-improved NANOSLIDE® coating of the cylinder walls.

New NANOSLIDE coating technology : Overall, the NANOSLIDE process reduces the use of gray cast iron by approx. 1,000 tonnes and of aluminum by approx. 8,000 tonnes per year.

This is an innovative and economical process for reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in combustion engines. By means of twin-wire arc spraying (TWAS), the cylinder inner surfaces in the aluminum crankcases are provided with an extremely thin coating based on an iron-carbon alloy. The mirror-smooth surface reduces 50 percent friction between piston, piston ring and cylinder track and reduces the weight of engine.


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