Mercedes-Benz, launched the flagship luxury model, the S-Class‘ Connoisseur’s Edition’ for its discerning customers. This is the 4th launch for the year from the German luxury car manufacturer this year. Popularly referred to as the ‘best car in the world’ by the critics and patrons, the S-Class portfolio in India is a benchmark to be reckoned with. The flagship S-Class epitomizes opulence, indulgence and automotive magnificence.

Mr. Roland Folger, MD and CEO, Mercedes-Benz India with the S-Class 'Con...

In an ongoing effort to improve its products, Mercedes-Benz has also been focusing on the needs of its chauffeur driven customers in India. Mercedes-Benz has been providing an immersive and personalized rear seat experience; given more customers increasingly tend to spend more time in their cars. With the launch of the ‘Connoisseur’s Edition’ S-Class, Mercedes-Benz reiterates its brand promise of the ‘best or nothing’. 

Roland Folger, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India said, “At Mercedes-Benz, it is our endeavor to offer our discerning customers the best of our products and services. We are glad to introduce the ‘Connoisseur’s Edition’ of our flagship product – the S-Class that has set the new benchmark in the super luxury sedan segment across the globe, for several decades now. The S-Class ‘Connoisseur’s Edition’ combines luxury, design and technology with the highest standards of perfection, surpassing the high expectations for a luxury sedan. We are confident that the ‘Connoisseur’s Edition’ will be appreciated and admired by our loyal customers, who expect nothing but the best from Mercedes-Benz.”

Mr. Roland Folger, MD and CEO, Mercedes-Benz India sitting inside the lu...

Folger further added “The S-Class has always set standards that have retained its accolade as “the best automobile in the world” with each generation. Now, we have upped the ante of our flagship product with a host of new innovative features like Night View Assist Plus, Executive rear seat with thigh support with seat reclination up to 43.5 degrees and the air balance perfume packageto make this product literally irresistible. The S-Class ‘Connoisseur’s Edition’ will be locally manufactured in our world-class production facility in Chakan, Pune. This is yet another firm affirmation of our vision of ‘Make in India’, and our unwavering commitment to the Indian customer in presenting the best of our global offerings.”

The S-Class ‘Connoisseur’s Edition’ offers the following new features:

Night View Assist Plus (for the first time in S-Class in India)

Only 20% of road traffic is at night-time, but 40% of all fatal accidents occur during this period. Night View Assist Plus enables drivers to detect pedestrians or larger animals sooner in the dark. They are clearly highlighted in the cockpit display. To

do this, the system illuminates the road ahead with two anti-dazzle infrared lamps. With the help of an infrared camera located behind the windscreen, the entire area

within high-beam head lamp range is shown as a crystal-clear grey scale image. A thermal imaging camera in the radiator grille is able to give a precise warning by distinguishing between irrelevant objects such as traffic sign combinations or bushes and relevant objects such as pedestrians or large animals. The spotlight function enables endangered pedestrians to be flashed at several times, so that the driver registers them even more quickly and the former recognize the danger. As standard, the night view image only appears automatically when a hazardous situation is recognized.

Executive rear seat behind the front passenger, with thigh support

With the Executive seat including the extended thigh support, the rear passenger on the front passenger side is able to enjoy even long journeys in complete relaxation. The seat can be brought into a comfortable reclined position of up to 43.5 degrees at the touch of a button. Theadditional extending thigh support provides for further enhanced comfort. This, in combination with the chauffer package provides an electrically extending footrest and creates the perfect reclined position for a comfortable refreshing sleep. A cushion bag improves occupant protection when the seat backrest is heavily reclined. In the event of a frontal collision, the cushion bag deploys under the seat cushion and prevents the occupant from sliding beneath the seat belt (submarining).

AIR-BALANCE package including ionization, improved air filtering and fragrance

The vehicle interior can be fragranced to suit personal preference with the AIR-BALANCE package. In addition, the air quality can be improved by ionization and optimized filtering of the incoming and recirculating air. There is a choice of six high-quality interior fragrances according to personal preference. The fragrance can be easily changed by exchanging the fragrance flasks used in the generator in the glove compartment. The intensity and duration of the fragrance are adjustable. Oxygen ionization of the interior air is a further function of the AIR-BALANCE package. Enriching the air with negatively charged oxygen ions has a refreshing effect.

Other key highlights of the S-Class are as below:

Burmester Surround Sound System

The S 350d is equipped with first-class Burmester® feel-good sound delivered by 13 high-performance speakers and electronic and acoustic components precisely tailored to the interior. The surround function and the sound optimization for the front and rear seats provide an even more intensive listening experience. The S 400 offers the high performance Burmester 3D surround sound system with 24 speakers, nine tweeters integrated in the instrument panels, doors, parcel shelf and roof lining along with the 24 channel amplifier with an output of 1520 watts, presenting an incredible and unmatched listening pleasure.

Energizing Hot Stone Massage

The S-Class offers a rejuvenating hot stone massage function with six different programs ranging from relaxing and stimulating to an energizing effect. Occupants can choose from two intensities – low and high, and the seat backrest comes with a massage mat with 14 air chambers which can be inflated or deflated via fast responding solenoid valves, developing a wave-like hot stone massage effect. The massage function can be operated via remote with durations ranging from 12– 15 minutes.


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