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We are in a world where people demand changes. We have realised that changes alone will not be enough in this fast changing world. So we need to do something futuristic, that too when we are completing three years of our active service to the auto components industry. A new step in that direction is the introduction of `Auto Components India Awards’. We have created a new milestone for the auto components industry players to cross, to be recognised as outstanding.

We felt elated when the component manufacturers said, ‘finally our work is getting recognised by a media house, especially by one that acts as the voice of suppliers’. Only the vehicle manufactures were in the media glare. The components that make the vehicles different were ignored. We are happy to change that paradigm and are humbled by your wonderful support. This edition has the report and pictures of the inagural edition held in Mumbai recently.

This is also the third Anniversary issue. In order to make it special, in consultation with various stakeholders, we took a close look at the `Giant strides on the automotive skill highway’ being taken by the industry. For our second anniversary the focus was on the progress of the ‘Make in India’ initiative, the roadblocks and solutions. ‘Make in India’ to be successful, skill development is indispensable.

The importance and necessity of developing skills of the demographic dividend of India has been recognised long ago and remedial measures have been under way. Those actions have been streamlined and strengthened under various schemes spearheaded by the Union government with the support of the industry. We carry reports about the skilling initiatives of various companies — the OEMs of commercial vehicles, passenger cars, two-and three-wheelers and suppliers. We have a microcosm of the automotive industry.

Every author has highlighted the inadequacy of our education system and the urgent need for a revolutionary change in the curriculum, and teaching and learning methodologies. Concerted actions by the government, the academia and industry are inevitable for India to realise its development dreams. Together we can be better, stronger and wider.

Wish you happy reading

Bhargav TS
Executive Editor

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