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New Delhi, 2021: Komaki has been revolutionizing the electric vehicle segment by releasing some of the snazziest looking yet powerful EVs lately. Featuring technologies that are yet to be seen on a two-wheeler, Komaki is already ahead of its peers by leaps and bounds. Komaki has now set its eyes on revolutionizing battery technology and has innovated a brand-new solution.

Komaki has already applied for a patent and is awaiting approval, which means the material of construction has not been disclosed and that Komaki will be manufacturing this battery in-house. A new and improved grade of Lithium cells is under development which completely defeats the conventionally used batteries in EVs. These batteries are extremely lightweight and are capable of fast charging as well.

The battery has a charging time of 4-5 hours and provides a spectacular mileage of 170-220 kilometres in a single charge! These batteries, when paired with the Komaki regenerative braking technology, significantly reduce the need to recharge, thereby eliminating the need for battery charging infrastructure which will take at least 5 years to fully develop in India. When used in eco mode, the battery provides the full promised range of 220+ kilometres.

This advanced battery comes with a 3-year warranty (2 years free + 1-year service warranty). This battery will be fitted on 3 selected Komaki models viz. the XGT-KM, the X-One and the XGT-X4 smart scooters. The starting ex-showroom price of a Komaki scooter with the 200 km range in a single charge is expected to start at INR 85,000 and will only be available exclusively through Komaki dealerships from 1st June 2021. We are also developing a revolutionary battery system for the Komaki X4 which will provide a mind-bending range of 350-400 kilometres!

Komaki has made strategic investments to back the R&D of new technology with the objective of providing consumers with the maximum possible range per charge. This will help them counterbalance the need for charging infrastructure which is currently lacking in India. This will have a positive domino effect for the state authorities who will be able to better allocate land and resources for more critical purposes before taking up the development of charging infrastructure. Moreover, setting up of the charging infrastructure for EVs may even lead to environmental degradation, which will be kept in check, thanks to the massive range per charge offered by the Komaki models.


“This newest battery technology stands as a testament to Komaki’s commitment towards pursuing its vision of creating a clean and green India. All Komaki models & technology undergo stringent quality checks to ensure that the consumer is guaranteed a robust build and stellar riding experience. We strive for top-of-the-line quality and make sure it is delivered”, said Ms. Gunjan Malhotra, Director, Komaki Electric Division.


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