L-R- Vijay Yelne, President, SCM& Export Business Development, EKA mobility, Sanjeev Sharma, AVP, Fleet Management & Mobility, JK Tyre and Anil Baliga, President, Operations, EKA Mobility

Indian tyre industry major, JK Tyre & Industries has joined forces with EKA Mobility, a leading player in the electric mobility sector with Mitsui Co., Ltd. (Japan) & VDL Groep (Netherlands) as equity partners.

This collaboration further solidifies JK Tyre’s position as the industry leader in providing “Connected Mobility Solutions,” a first-of-its-kind cloud-based monitoring system. The company provides comprehensive tyre management through their mobility solutions program. The long-term agreement was signed in Pune in the presence of Sanjeev Sharma, AVP, Fleet Management & Mobility Solutions, JK Tyre and Vijaykumar Yelne, President of EKA Mobility.

For EKA’s fleet, JK Tyre will provide its new generation of EV tyres with Connected Treel Sensors for real-time monitoring. A dedicated team of experienced professionals has been deployed by JK Tyre to provide round-the-clock support at the depots, as well as enroute assistance. Beginning with the currently deployed fleet in Mumbai, the company will offer comprehensive support to EKA’s fleet across all cities.

Commenting on the partnership, Srinivasu Allaphan, Director-Sales & Marketing, JK Tyre & Industries said, “At JK Tyre, we are at the forefront of industry transformation by offering cutting-edge technologies and products. We are glad to partner with EKA Mobility to offer comprehensive mobility solutions. This collaboration aligns with our commitment to innovation and excellence in tyre management, ensuring that our customers receive unparalleled service and support across their entire mobility needs. Additionally, it serves as a reminder of our dedication to environmental stewardship and product advancement.”

Vijaykumar Yelne, President of EKA Mobility, added,“This strategic partnership with JK Tyre is a significant step towards our vision of creating an ecosystem for Environment-Conscious Mobility. Both companies share a commitment to sustainability, and we look forward to collaborating JK Tyre’s expertise in tyre manufacturing with EKA’s innovative EV technology. Our combined expertise will pave the way for innovative solutions that not only enhance the performance of electric vehicles but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.”

This collaboration aims to revolutionize the EV landscape with the development and production of new generation EV tyres, specifically engineered to meet the unique demands of electric vehicles.

JK Tyre offers cutting-edge mobility solutions and effectively manages the fleets of the leading brands in the country.  JK Tyre’s new generation of EV tyres for commercial vehicles is designed to offer optimal performance and efficiency. Over the years, JK Tyre has been at the forefront of advancing innovation and excellence in the tyre industry with innovative products.

EKA Mobility is one of the only Indian companies offering end-to-end design, manufacturing & technology of electric new energy commercial vehicles from scratch in India. In last two years, the company has introduced electric city bus, staff carrier & school bus, 9-meter hydrogen fuel-cell electric bus, and is now all set to enter the last mile delivery with its range of e-LCVs designed & customized to suit Indian customers and businesses.



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