Indian tyre manufacturer JK Tyre & Industries has recently unveiled a new range of tyres named Levitas Ultra, specifically targeted towards luxury cars. The Levitas Ultra tyres were introduced in a press conference by Mr Anuj Kathuria, President(India) JK Tyres & Industries on March 24th at the Four Seasons Hotel in Worli. The Levitas Ultra range is aimed at the rapidly growing market for luxury cars in India. JK Tyre aims to dominate the replacement market for premium luxury car tyres with this new range of tyres. With an increasing demand for second-hand luxury cars due to long waiting periods of up to six months for new cars, more replacement of tyres can be expected. The Levitas Ultra range is designed with an advanced silica compound and a special tread pattern that claims to provide superior wet and dry grip, comfort, and durability. It is available in 17 sizes and is suitable for cars such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, and Volvo. The tyre range also meets the EU labelling norms for wet grip, rolling resistance, and noise level.


JK Tyre & Industries, President (India), Anuj Kathuria, “We have always been committed to providing our customers with cutting-edge technology-driven products. With Levitas Ultra, we are pleased to enter the premium car tyre space for luxury car owners. These UHP tyres are proof of our unwavering commitment to providing matchless performance across all key parameters of this niche category, including ride and handling, grip, noise reduction and braking. The Levitas Ultra is specially designed for Indian road conditions and has a high potential to become the preferred choice of the country’s premium car users”. When asked about the Warranty for these tyres, Mr Anuj Kathuria said that the warranty of the tyres will need to be more researched and will be set as per the segment needs. He also said that the warranty does not matter if the implementation of the warranty is not fast, comfortable and reliable for the customer. He said that JK Tyres have spoken about the implementation of this range with various OEMs and have started the process of the implementation of these tyres in Luxury cars. On the aspect of Export of the tyres, Mr Anuj said that they want to first Develop and consolidate their position in the Indian Market. He said that they do not plan in the near future to export the Levitas Range of Tyre. The company has invested in research and development, leading to the production of tyres that are designed to meet the needs of Indian consumers. The Levitas Ultra is claimed to be designed to provide superior performance, comfort, and safety. JK Tyre’s new range of tyres is claimed to give the company a competitive edge in the Indian market, which is rapidly growing in the luxury car segment. The Levitas Ultra range is expected to provide a superior grip, comfort, and durability to luxury car owners.

JK Tyre’s new range of tyres, Levitas Ultra, is a product that is aimed at meeting the needs of luxury car owners in India. The company has invested heavily in research and development, leading to the production of high-quality tyres that provide superior grip, comfort, and durability. With the increasing demand for luxury cars in India, the Levitas Ultra range is expected to provide a competitive edge to JK Tyre in the Indian market. The Levitas Ultra range is available at JK Tyre authorized dealerships across India. The supply priority is to be given to the franchise steel wheels stores of JK tyres across India.                                                                                                  

-Nabhey Uchil


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