Saint-Gobain Research India is inaugurated today in Chennai by the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu J.Jayalalithaa. The research centre is expected to respond to the company’s strategic focus on sustainability across functions and committed to finding innovative solutions to challenges of energy efficiency, environmental pollution and enhanced comfort for daily living. The R&D centre is also assumed to pull in new business ropes in addition to filliping the existing business in India. This could be achieved by nurturing transversal competencies by building partnerships India’s premier academic institutions and establishing conducive technical relationships with the company’s global research centre.

Addressing on the occasion Pierre-Andre Dechalender, Chairman and CEO, Saint Gobain reveals that, “India is an important market and investment destination for us. Over the past 3 years we have made significant investments across world in people and in building plants and this investment portfolio pushes us to have an established presence in India. Invigorated by Make in India 95% of our local sales products are manufactured in India. Talented scientists and engineers in India along with other macro economic factors conducive for our R&D set up gives impetus to set up SGRI and this centre is expected to develop innovative and sustainable products to meet the local and global needs.”

Speaking on the occasion Anand Mahajan, General Delegat, Saint-Gobain disclosed that, “Since its inception 3 years ago SGRI has led the way in developing products and solutions that have exceeded the expectations of our customers. The inauguration of our permanent home is a remarkable milestone at the time of the company steps into 351st year. We are confident that SGRI’s talent pool will contribute new products and processes and avant-garde techniques in science and technology and the material properties and utilities. SGRI houses now about 100 engineers and soon 250 engineers and scientists will take positions.”

Commenting on the occasion Anand Tanikella averred that, “The brightest Indian minds are now comprising our pool and we will continue to strengthen our pool. We aspire to develop cost-competitive solutions for our customers through innovate in India program and develop solutions for beyond India.We plan sustainable habitat solutions to challenge hot and humid climates through basic and applied research in building science.” The company has made a notable investment of Rs 200 crore for SGRI to have a state-of-the-art facility spread across 120000 sq.feet.A research symposium was conducted complementing the inaugural event with 40+ distinguished faculty from universities across India and thought-provoking discourses by them freeze the gathering with technical feeds.


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