Hoffmann Group, Europe’s leading system partner for quality tools, launched its new catalogue for 2019-20, thereby introducing nearly 9,000 new products in the market. The latest edition of the catalogue work for quality tools, workstations and storage solutions and personal protective equipment (PPE) contains more than 85,000 items, offering customers a more comprehensive range from a single source. The catalogue came into effect on 1 August 2019, in 18 languages and all the items are available at the Hoffmann Group eShop.

A considerable proportion of the new products can be found in the workstations and storage category (37%), which now contains the complete GARANT GridLine equipment range for the first time. With GARANT GridLine, all workbenches, workshop cabinets, roller cabinets, and accessories have been designed based on a uniform grid scale of 25 mm. This modular principle means that everything fits together perfectly, opening up numerous combination possibilities. There has also been an important new addition to the goods issuing systems in the catalogue: the GARANT Tool24 Locker, which features particularly large compartments for controlled single-item withdrawal of articles such as power tools, loan devices and PPE items.

There have once again been a number of changes to the cutting tools, with this category accounting for around 38% of the new products. The highlights include the GARANT Xtric centring vice, the GARANT Master Alu milling cutter range, and the GARANT Master Tap INOX specialist for thread machining stainless steels.

The Group has also expanded its portfolio of hand tools with its very first GARANT soft-faced hammer and has optimised its personal protective equipment range with 942 new catalogue items.


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