Hella India Lighting Ltd. (HILL) has organized the Road Safety Week from January 11-17,  2016, throughout the country to create awareness among automotive fraternity to improve the vehicle safety on road and to give an opportunity to all Industry stakeholders to contribute to the cause of road safety. Volunteers from HILL participated in a walkathon from India Gate on January 11, the company organised road safety games for electricians, retailers and drivers. In some places like Patna, the local traffic police also joined enthusiastically. A signature wall campaign was also run during the safety week where participants penned their thoughts about road safety and signed it.

HILL road safety

During the week, awareness about various road accident-causing habits and measures to prevent them was highlighted by organising various activities like display of banners, road signage and pamphlets related to road safety. The Road Safety Week is organised every year to create awareness among the general public to improve the safety on road. Indian roads are among the most dangerous in the world and there is a fatality one every 4 minutes. Low quality headlights, signaling lights, poor visibility and traffic recognition coupled with speeding vehicles, drunk driving, low use of helmets and seatbelts in vehicles have resulted in many of these accidents.

Ramashankar Pandey, Managing Director, HILL said, “Road safety is a major public health concern for authorities in India. In the past decade, 1.2 million (12 lakhs) people died in road accidents in India, and 5 million were seriously injured or disabled. This alarming situation can’t be left unattended. Casualties in India account for about 10 percent of road deaths worldwide. Three percent of our GDP is the economic loss due to road accidents.”

Around 5,400 people participated in a total of 24 road safety campaigns nationwide. Through its high technology products, Hella India Lighting Ltd aims to contribute in the area of automotive lighting to reduce road accidents in India. The highways have to be made safer as maximum deaths are caused on the due to negligence on them. There needs to be a long term commitment and existence of sustainable programs to lower the number on road deaths on Indian roads and HILL is committed to this cause. “This is just the beginning of this nationwide safety mission of Hella India Lighting. Bringing safety enabled products and awareness among masses are the two key objectives of this mission,” he added.


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