Part of the Pune-based Poonawalla Group, h2e will use its green hydrogen production capability to develop India’s first totally integrated hydrogen fuel cell three-wheeler. The company will use PEM fuel cell and advanced hydrogen cylinders in collaboration with Canada based company ‘Hydrogen in Motion’ under a Indo-Canadian program funded by a Public Private Partnership (PPP), GITA, between Technology Development Board, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India and CII. Targeted at inter-city public and goods transport, it is an attempt to integrate h2e’s fuel-cell technology with a low-cost and low pressure (50bar) hydrogen cylinder. Claimed to be a path-breaking technology, developed by Hydrogen in Motion, Canada, it is aimed at bringing out a zero emission, cost competitive public transport vehicle. Sidharth R Mayur, Founder and Managing Director, h2e Power Systems stated, “We are already producing green hydrogen from our electrolysers and now developing a three-wheeler concept for inter-city public and goods transport using it. We are thankful to GITA for their support which we believe is a novel idea, which has the promise to amplify the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) concept in India.”


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