GKN Driveline has opened a new customer support office in Toyota City, in the Aichi Prefecture of Japan.
The new office, which will house commercial, engineering and quality staff, has both work and meeting spaces to encourage better relationships with key customers. The new location adds to its two manufacturing sites in Japan; one test centre with a proving ground and one office.
Hidehito Takahashi, president of GKN Driveline Japan said: “The decision to establish an office in Toyota City will further ensure GKN Driveline’s global support for our customers in the field of sales and marketing, engineering development and quality.
We are looking forward to using this office to build stronger relationships and promote GKN’s global capabilities.’
GKN Driveline Japan is one of the leading automotive systems suppliers to Japanese car manufacturers.
Ten GKN employees will relocate from other GKN locations and will be permanently based at the offices. The team hopes to see the workforce grow as business opportunities arise.


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