With 90 per cent of its orderbook reserved for automotive, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies India is aligning with the demand. Manufacturing an estimated 7,00,000 filters from the Sanaswadi Village plant, in Pune, of which 90 per cent is allocated to the automotive segment, the company expects demand to rise by ~50 per cent (~11,00,000). To cater to this projected demand by end of the year, the company has begun the process of capacity augmentation at the facility.

It will install two new machines of German make to manufacture cabin air filters revealed Ashok Pandey, Head of Automotive, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Known to contribute 70 per cent of the production load as of current in a 24×7 operation, the capacity augmentation is expected to help distribute the load. India investments amount to Euro 7.1 mn. This includes the investment at SIPCOT, Sriperumbudur.


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