ExxonMobil Lubricants Pvt Ltd, a wholly-owned affiliate of ExxonMobil Corporation, has launched in association with independent workshop owners its flagship Mobil Bike Care Elite and Mobil Car Care Elite service centers in India.

The flagship channel, launched in association with independent workshop owners, which aims at providing a premium bike and car servicing experience.

This launch is a step forward for the company’s Mobil Bike Care and Mobil Car Care workshops launched in 2018. Mobil’s flagship channel launch is in tune with its goal of advancing its customers’ mobility, productivity and sustainability ambitions through rewarding Mobil brand experiences.

Speaking on the program, in the Indian retail market, Deepankar Banerjee, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), ExxonMobil Lubricants Pvt Ltd, said, “With the introduction of this channel, ExxonMobil is taking one more step to reach out to consumers to provide world-class support to protect their vehicles and maximize their use. This association with independent workshop owners will enable our customers to have access to premium service centers and experience the best that Mobil has to offer while confidently getting their vehicles serviced at a flagship center.”

Launched in Bengaluru and Delhi currently, Mobil has plans to expand the flagship program into select cities across India. Independent workshops will be organized through Mobil ‘Elite’ branding and superior lubricant technology to provide an enhanced and comprehensive maintenance service for multi-brand car and bike models.

Sharing further insight on the launch, Rupinder Paintal, Director of Market Development for ExxonMobil Lubricants Pvt. Ltd., said, “ExxonMobil displays its technology leadership through its products and this effective customer engagement program that positively impacts the customer experience. At its core, this program is about offering premium, convenient, trustworthy and comprehensive car care and bike care services to consumers”

The Mobil Bike Care Elite and Mobil Car Care Elite outlets will offer expert maintenance recommendations and detailed inspection. Customers at these workshops will receive best-in-class quality lubricants and standardized service from a team of highly qualified and committed workforce of the independent workshop owners.


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