Massive workpieces and small batch sizes – in wind energy plants, commercial vehicle production or the aircraft industry these extremes can clash. The VM 9 turning center from EMAG not only provides a productive solution to these industry sectors, but also has the functionality to be loaded and unloaded automatically or manually based on the customers’ demands.


Large chucked components machined with short changeover times

The main question in heavy-duty machining is how can large, heavy components be efficiently and precisely machined when batch sizes vary so much? With the VM 9 the EMAG designers have provided an extremely productive answer. The solution is to bundle a number of performance indicators – from an extremely powerful main spindle and turret with up to twelve tools, to quality management with a measuring probe. “These performance indicators are rarely present in other turning machines, and in the rare cases they are present only one is offered. We, however, offer the whole package”, explains Achim Trommsdorf, Head of the “Modular Standard Machines” Product Group at EMAG.


Cycle Times cut in HALF

The first VM 9 machines are operating in a German OEM’s facility. These particular machines are automatically loaded with gantry systems, however, they can also be loaded through the large front door if desired. Changeovers are a breeze and can be taken care of with a few clicks at the control panel. This process allows the German company to produce approximately 250 transmission components for a number of different commercial vehicles, makingmore flexibility hard to imagine. Adding to its efficiency is the extremely powerful main spindle of the machine which guarantees decreased cycle times. For some of these components cycle times were times were reduced from two minutes to just one!


Precision and Process Integrity Built In

The required process integrity is verified by the integrated measuring probe, which features a hinged housing that prevents the entry of chips and dirt. The tool turret adds to the fully integrated process, as it can also be equipped with driven tools for drilling and milling operations. The precision of the machining process is guaranteed byan axis control system that features direct, linear measuring systems, and a machine base made of MINERALIT polymer concrete with vibration damping qualities that guarantees excellent surface finishes.

Meeting the Demand of Heavy-Duty Machining


With the VM 9 we have a multi-functional solution that makes sure we are well prepared to handle component diversity and process variety”, adds Mr. Trommsdorf. “It’s why we expect a lot from this approach. The machine fulfills all the requirements that users in the heavy-duty machining sector have brought to us over the last few years.”


  • Powerful main spindle reduces machining times

  • Comprehensive tool turret (also for driven tools)

  • Ergonomic design

  • Measuring probe to guarantee machining quality and process integrity

  • Fast changeover from automatic to manual loading and vice versa


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