Elektrobit (EB), a visionary global supplier of embedded and connected software products for the automotive industry, celebrates the completion of 5 years in India. Since its establishment in 2016, the Indian entity has become a critical part of innovation for the company across the globe, contributing across product development and customer programs in the areas of highly automated driving, car connectivity and security, and user experience. 

The automotive software market is growing rapidly and exponentially, and industry experts conservatively estimate nearly 10 percent compound annual growth between 2020 and 2030. With a global demand for EB software and services, Elektrobit is focusing strongly on the growth opportunity that exists in India. The company has increased its headcount many times since its inauguration 5 years ago and intends to invest more in Indian talent.

Elektrobit has decades-long track record of automotive expertise and has been developing pioneering software technologies since its inception. Maintaining established relationships with leading carmakers like the VW Group including Audi and Porsche, Ford, BMW and Daimler, the company intends to bring its latest technologies to the Indian automotive ecosystem by partnering with local manufacturers and their suppliers. 

Satish Sundaresan, Vice President and Managing Director – Elektrobit India, said, “India is a very important market for us. We view our R&D engineering center in Bangalore as an automotive software hub from where we can also enhance our local customer business offerings. India is also looked at as an innovation partner for our product development activities for our global customers. Hence, we will continue investing in similar proportions and add headcount in India in the future too.” 


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