Lohia Auto Industries has launched ‘Humrahi,’ an eco-friendly electric rickshaw (e-rickshaw) for passengers and cargo, at the Auto Expo 2014. Coming in a choice of attractive colors, custom fittings and exceptional finish, these e-rickshaws are equipped with special EV-grade batteries. It can accommodate four passengers, is low on maintenance, cost effective and easy to operate. Priced between Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1.5 lakh these vehicles provide a great investment opportunity to owner- drivers, as these rickshaws will cost much less than the traditional auto-rickshaws and battery-pulled three-wheelers.

The CEO of the company, Ayush Lohia said, “There is an in-built area for advertisement that will help generate extra revenue. Also, our e-rickshaws are not only good for the environment but for your pocket too. It’s a great revenue generation model, as these vehicles cut down costs and bump up revenue. The company is planning to invest about Rs 40 crore in the next two years.” The company has a manufacturing unit in Kashipur, Uttrakhand with capacity to produce100,000 units per year.

With their growing popularity and demand among passengers, China-made e-rickshaws have gained currency in the Indian market. However, Lohia’s domestically-manufactured offering is expected to cut down cost and give both passengers and drivers a more reliable and cost-effective option.  Built in line with the Automotive Research Association of India’s (ARAI’s) design specifications, these rickshaw are said to deliver comfortable rides even on the toughest roads. Also, these vehicles are likely to have a higher shelf life than their Chinese counterparts.



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