Mumbai based startup Earth Energy is riding the emobility wave in India. Team ACI highlights the company’s push for localisation as the foundation of its game plan.

Mumbai-based startup Earth Energy is betting big on localised Electric Vehicles (EVs) for the Indian market. Taking a leaf out of the government’s impetus on ‘Make in India’ and the growing awareness among buyers, the company claims to have attained localisation levels of nearly 96 per cent. It sets the company apart from the competition, says Rushi Shenghani, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Earth Energy. “To tap the growth potential of localised EVs,” averred Shenghani, “most of the parts that constitute the vehicle be it the drivetrain, the recommendation architecture to the technology put to use are made in-house at a time when the technology did not exist.” Shenghani credits climate change, fuel price hikes, and the tightening emission norms for the growing proliferation of EVs among other factors driving this growth. A testimony to the company moving in tandem with its aspirations was the launch of its electric two-wheeler portfolio. The company launched an electric scooter Glyde+, and two electric motorcycles named Evolve R and Evolve Z respectively.

Glyde +
The Earth Energy Glyde+ electric scooter on the first look competes with petrol scooters with its sporty exterior. It is claimed to offer a mix of rider comfort and performance agility. A design inspired by eagles, according to Shenghani, has a lot going for it on the performance front. For starters, it offers Ii-built telematics for live State of Charge (SoC) relay and theft protection. Powered by a 2.4 kW electric motor, claimed to be highly reliable, the drive is mated to an auto-grade belt transmission. The Glyde+ draws power from an in-house manufactured 2.4 KW Li-ion battery that is said to give it a 100 km travel range on a single charge. It develops a power of 3.25 hp and a 26 Nm torque that enables it to reach a maximum speed of 60 kmph.

Evolve Z
The first of the two electric motorcycles, Evolve Z exudes a sporty vibe too. With its form factor inspired by the diamond shape, it compensates for the lack of precious grade stones in its architecture with a performance orientation. The 5.3 kW drive mated to an auto-grade belt transmission develops a power of 7.09 hp and 54 Nm torque. It draws power from a 6.6 kW Li-ion battery and is claimed to go 100 kms on a single charge. The battery pack is claimed to be charged fully in 2.5 hours and 40 minutes at a fast charge station. It can attain a top speed of 95 kmph.

Evolve R
The Evolve R motorcycle is more macho than the two motorcycles. With a design inspired by arrowheads, the motorcycle features a 12 kW drive mated to an auto-grade belt transmission. It helps develop 16.99 hp and a peak torque of 54 Nm. The drive draws its power from an 8.2kW Li-ion battery that allows the bike a travel range of 110 kmph on a single charge. The battery is claimed to be fully charged in 2.5 hours and 40 minutes at a fast charge facility.

Feature-packed and scaleable
All three EVs feature an LCD cluster designed to enable crisp day and night visibility. It relays crucial information like the battery SoC, real-time range and turnabout time navigation. To enhance the ownership experience, the EVs are sold with a complimentary charger claimed to be easy to set up. The entire range will be made available in a common colour range including marshal grey, jet black and white options. Mentioned Shenghani, that the company started with an initial production capacity of 12,000 units per annum. It plans to scale up further by moving to a bigger facility on the outskirts with an increased capacity of 64,000 units in comparison. The company has established a 7000 sq. ft. research and development setup at Vasai, in Mumbai. Claimed Shenghani, the company was able to build multiple prototypes as a result and test them for around six lakh kilometres to justify the proof of concept since inception in 2017. He also lauded the efforts of the dynamics and mechanical team for the end outcome of the finished products. On the aftersales front, the company is claimed to have mapped 45 dealerships expected to be operational by the end of the year. “We already have around seven odd dealerships to cater to the initial demand,” stated Shenghani. The company is also looking to tie up with ecommerce companies for inclusion in their fleet besides being available for integration via the use of third-party applications. “So third party integration is already available heavily, and we are working very hard on this brand so that we can make these vehicles available for B2B on an urgent basis,” he explained. Besides electric two-wheelers, the company also produces commercial vehicles for the domestic market and is claimed to be work on autonomous vehicles for its global clientele. In 2020, the company is known to have raised a seed round fund led by LR Joshi, Managing Director of Pranada Biopharma among other private equity investors to facilitate the launch of its upcoming vehicles. It has also been part of the SmartCity Dubai Accelerator Programme, 2018. ACI

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