Delphi Product & Service Solutions (DPSS) announced the launch of its global Electronic Unit Pump (EUP) and Smart Injector repair program for high performance, heavy-duty applications. The product launch provides Delphi’s authorised repair network the potential service opportunity of almost two million EUP and Smart injector units.

Delphi Smart Injector and Electronic Unit Pump_HRDelphi’s EUP uses proven valve technology from Delphi’s EUI product Line. When used in conjunction with the high pressure electronically controlled Smart Injector, the EUP provides a complete high pressure fuel delivery system for HD engines. The injectors nozzle control valve is electronically controlled, which helps to reduce fuel consumption and improve performance all while meeting the most stringent emissions regulations.

The Smart Injector system is fitted to a wide range of DAF (MX and PR), Paccar and Yuchai applications for Euro 4, Euro 5 and US2010 emissions standards. The repair solution will cover all EUP variants, and European specification Smart Injectors. This solution will be available as a test equipment upgrade package to current EUI E3 repair workshops. Repair for US2010 Smart Injectors will be available early 2015.

The launch also includes comprehensive support with new test equipment, updated IRIS software, dedicated repair tooling, training, and a rationalised repair parts programme.


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